Nosey, nosey questions!

1. Tell us how you met your partner. Please be specific in telling your tale. I met my partner online, in a group for people who had did, we met in 2001, and got to know one another, got close, then spoke via phone, and then eventually I first went to visit her in 2005. For St. Patricks day. She lives in Illinois. We dont see one another much now, and she’s in a residential psych facility in IL.
2. What is your most romantic experience, again with details? I think it was at disneyworld in florida, we were staying in the caribean beach resort, and we had our own private beach, it was so lovely. We sat underneath the stars, talking for hours, laughing, kissing, being romantic, such a beautiful memory.
3. What is the most extravagant purchase youve ever made, and why did you buy it? It would have to be my trip to disneyworld in florida! I spent over 4000 euro on it! I always wanted to go to disneyworld, and I went all out, staying in a disney resort, doing disney dining, etc.
4. What is your favorite swear word or expression, and when are you most likely to use it? It is gobshite! Irish people use that word a lot! It had a nice ring to it! I use it when I am saying someone is stupid or a fool!
5. What is your favorite kind of pie? With or without ice cream? Apple pie!
6. While were on the subject, what is your favorite ice cream, and where did you last eat it? A reeses peanut butter cup blizzard and I last had it at dairy queen!
7. Who is your most unique friend and why? (May be someone from the past.) That I think would have to be my friend Sarah! She’s fun to be around and kinda crazy like me lol!
8. What is your most irritating habit? Talking a lot probably way too much!
9. Who was your favorite teacher and why? My art teach miss forestal because she was there for me and she noticed that I was being abused and she tried to help me by asking me what was wrong!
10. Do you like being alone and if so, what would you probably be doing? I do like my own company, when I am alone, I read, or blog.
11. What is the most outlandish thing youve ever done? Im not sure! Probably stole a bra from walmart but it was an accident! Oh yes and one time I bad mouthed a cop in an elevator and he was standing there with me but I never knew it! The joys of being blind!
12. What superstition do you always follow? I believe Friday the 13th to be unlucky.
13. What famous person or animal have you met? Tell us about the meeting. I havent met anyone famous or I cant think of anyone but I did get a signed autograph from Oprah winfrey! I wrote her a letter when I was 14 and sent it to her and she sent me back a signed picture of herself!