Fibbing Friday valentines edition my responses

Here are my responses to yesterdays fibbing Friday, valentines day edition.
I am late with them,but here they are all the same!
❤ 😀
1. Which Hollywood couple met as Mr and Mrs Smith?
Arent they all Mr. and Mrs. Smith?
2. Who sang about Two Hearts?
3. Why are red roses associated with romance?
Red represents passion!
4. Why is Love all around?
Where else is it going to be? All square?
5. Roses are red, but why are violets blue?
A girl called violet hasn't a damn clue!
6. If you were wined and dined by candlelight, what would be your first thought?
This is not normal!
7. What was Rudolph Valentino’s job before Hollywood?
He helped santa in the north pole.
8. How did Cinderella lose her glass slipper?
Her ugly sisters hid it.
9. If you were in The Love Boat, where would you be?
Up on deck.
10. Why does Love hurt?
What's a little pain with no gain?

Hope you've enjoyed my answers!

Bonus question of the day, Inspired by tammy B

This bonus question I am asking was inspired by the blogger Tammy b from

She asked the same question on her blog! If you don’t follow Tammy I highly recommend you go check out her blog!
So what is the question?

What should be in a vending machine that isn’t?

Will love to read your answers!

Would you rather?

I got these from Tammy B’s blog, tammys reading writing life, so all credit for these questions goes to her!


Be stuck in a elevator with an elf or reindeer?

Definitely with a reindeer! They are such beautiful creatures!

Find Olaf in your garden or Jack Frost?

Oh Olaf! I love Olaf! So do our littles!
Have ham or turkey for Christmas dinner?

Turkey – I love turkey and all the fixinBoth! And we did too this year!
Grow a permanent Santa beard or permanent Antlers?

Antlers would be cool.

and lastly

Untangle 700 Christmas lights or Peel 700 Carrots?

I think I’d rather peel the carrots! I hate untangling lights! Plus, I’m just not good at it!

So what are your answers? I’d love to hear!

The real me, week 6

Rory is the host of the real me, and this is week 6 of the game! I thought I’d participate and answer rory’s questions this week!

What relaxes you more a hot shower or a hot bath?

A hot bath! I love a nice warm bubble bath! Its sooo soothing! I can sit in a hot bath for at least an hour! Its so healing to me!

If you are looking for immediate satisfaction in the stimulation department, what is your go-to? [Answer how you see

A good book! I always love a good story. It gets my imagination going!

What exercise do you take on a fairly regular basis?

I try to walk regularly. Unfortunately my motivation for it hasnt quite been there lately. But I do what I can. I do own a treaadmill at home and I try to go on it as much as I can.

Would you do you again?

Rory asks the question:
Would you do you again?

My answer to that is…

Well I would, but minus the shitty parts of my life!

I would love to have a do over, but with no bad parts!

I would however love to relive all the great memorable moments in my life!

I would love to have the time back again with my loved ones, and my beloved pets!

That would sure be awesome!

I know everyones life has some bad parts in it, but can we just skip those? Please?

If we could think how awesome it would be to be alive!

So what about you?

Would you do you again?