typical isnt it?

so i called our local HSE offices today, where my monthly cheque is issued from and i told them the bank were charging me a 10 euro processing fee because of the cheque they had sent me bouncing. i asked them to reimburce me. what did they say? a big fat no. they said it was an accident and they didnt mean for the cheque to bounce, and they tried to blame the bank, saying they told the bank to lift the block on it and the bank didnt do it so technically it isnt their fault because they actually told the bank to do it. i suppose it is true they did, but i still think they should reimburce me.
but no, they arent going to. so i have to pay it and be out of pocket.
frustrates me, annoys me, and is so typical of them.

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still having issues with my cheque that was rejected by the bank. it still hasnt been sorted despite me ringing around all morning. i rang the office of the HSE the people who issue the cheque, spoke to a girl there, she said she needed to get on to finance and she’d ring me back just as soon as she did. no call after 2 hours, so i called back, only to be told that she’d gone home for the afternoon. she didnt have the decency to even call me back, so frustrating, the person who took my call told me she’d ring me back tomorrow, but I wont be around tomorrow, i’m going to bloom flower festival with the basement club. so now it will be friday before i hear anything. meanwhile the credit union want their money, i rang them back too, they said it needs to be payed in as soon as possible, so i told the lady I’d have my mom sort it tomorrow when she goes to the credit union. now what i’ll have to do is take back the money I lodged into my uncles account, he had loaned me money when all this stuff with the cheque started earlier in the month. i had payed it back to him, and now i’ll have to reborrow it again. such a run around. very very irritating…wish it was just sorted out…
carol anne

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thats how many comments were waiting for me when I checked my spam folder on wordpress this evening.

most of them were either in another language, the what comments there were about 15 of those, and some were trying to tell me the reason i dont rank well on google is because I have duplicate content on my site! Whatever!

I really dont care if I rank well on google or not!

I got happy with the delete button! Now they’re finito!

I did however restore 5 comments that werent spam, which got thrown in the spam folder, so annoying!

Looks like im gonna have to check it daily to keep up and make sure I am not missing anything!


so i’m very frustrated. one of the staff here has brought issues about nitro to the head boss. and this morning when his trainer was here she had to listen to the his boss going on about nitro and these issues. and then i had to hear about it from her, but my thing is, why didnt the staff come to me? basically the staff wanted to take him out last thing at night, they offered, i let them, and now they are saying he wont come back to them, and its this huge issue. makes me so mad. also they were giving out about his sleeping on the couch, which he hasnt been doing this week, because i stopped him from doing it. the staff member was also giving out about other things, so annoying. it irks me. i’ll be definitely bringing it up this afternoon at my weekly review. i’ll be saying that if staff have issues they need to bring them to me and not claire the boss. thats the sensible thing to do.

Sad and disappointed with my friend

i’m so frustrated right now with my friend. we were meant to be going to this conference for two days. it was a conference on mental illness. it was called critical voices and I was really looking forward to going. there were going to be awesome speakers at it and lots of workshops also. but my friend backed out on me at the last minute. the conference was meant to be next wednesday and thursday. she said she had an appointment to go to and she couldnt get out of it. but she really could have if she tried. she didnt even try. it was some appointment for a dietician. i know those dieticians they will change your appointment if you need to do that. i know because i’ve seen the community dietician before. i just had to email the organiser and say we werent coming and to give our place to someone else. i’m sad and disappointed. i really really wanted to go to this. i feel sorta angry at my friend. she is unreliable. i needed someone who i could depend on. unfortunately that someone wasnt her. so now because she cant go i cant, either. i dont have anyone else to ask. sometimes life really fucking sucks.

Cancelled lunch plans

So I just got a notification that my former PA cancelled our lunch date today. I am a bit annoyed to be honest. This is the second time she has cancelled it. She said something came up, and maybe it did. But I would’ve liked more than three hours notice. If it was me I would’ve given as much notice as I could. So I guess I’m just going to chill out for the day. I don’t have too much to do. I need to pack but that’s about all I have to do. So will probably read do email catch up on blogs and relax for the rest of the day. I hate it when plans go pear-shaped. Do others feel the same way? Does it bother you when you have something planned and the other person back so is not once but twice is on me but does it bother you when they back out at the last minutes?