All the news thats fit to print

Did you know?
That today is the All the News That’s Fit to Print Anniversary? On February 10, 1897, the New York Times slogan first appeared: All the News That’s Fit to Print. It was the winner of a contest organized by its new owner, Adolph Ochs. Trivia buffs: some of the entries included “Clean, crisp, bright, snappy; read it daily and be happy;” “Aseptic journalism up to date;” “Full of meat, clean and neat;” and “You do not want what the New York Times does not print.”


Therapy milestone

This month we’re celebrating six years with eileen. Wow! Feels like we’ve been seeing her forever!

I remember that first session with her, I remember walking in, and meeting eileen for the first time. We’d previously spoken on the phone, and emailed, but meeting her that first time, I honestly wasnt sure I’d stick it out.

I’m so glad I did though. Therapy has taught me so much about myself selves. It has given me so much food for thought. I have learned so much about us as a system, I have learned what a secure attachment to someone feels like, most importantly of all I have learned what safety is, and how to trust. I have also learned that when she leaves she’s not gone, she’ll be back again.

I love our therapist, she is one of the most amazing people. I love her warmth, kindness, passion for her job, her caring nature, I just love everything about her.

Heres to six long years of ups and downs, hard work, fun, happiness and sadness, most of all six years of learning, and healing.
carol anne


A special anniversary date

Today August 24th is my grandads birthday. If he was alive he would have been 85. He died 3 years ago though.

I still miss him every day. Today I will think of him. And I will send a quick prayer up to him up in heaven, to let him know I miss him and love him.

RIP grandad bill, you were one in a million.
carol anne


9 11 16 years on

My thoughts and prayers go out to each and every person who was caught up in 9-11 16 years ago today. I cant believe its been 16 years. I was a 21 year old studying in college and I remember the day very well. and who wouldnt? I remember watching the news, sitting at home with my dad watching the planes hit, and hearing the noise of people screaming, listening to all the horrific stories of people dying and others being rescued, it was heartbreaking.
On this anniversary I just want to say that I have not forgotten all of you who were effected, who may have lost loved ones, who live in new york, it is a sad day for all of you I know.
I will keep all of you very close in my heart today.

Anniversaries and family time

this weekend is kinda hard. its both of my grammas death anniversaries. my nana catherine who is my moms mom will be dead 23 years tomorrow Sunday. Then my nana bridget who is my dads mom will be dead 32 years on Monday.
Today Saturday, we are going to visit my nana Catherines grave, me, my mom, and my two aunts. The weather is not very good at the moment here, its rainy, and windy, but we’re still going to go anyway. Then afterwords we are going to have lunch somewhere and then my mom and aunts are going to have some drinks, i’m dieting so wont be drinking any alcohol.
I dont remember a lot about nana bridget, because I was only 5 when she died. She died by suicide though. My nana Catherine got breast cancer, she died when I was 14. I was very close to her. We used to sit and watch old movies together on the weekends when I’d be home from Dublin. She adored me and i adored her. I still miss her every day.

Anniversary date

it was the 1st anniversary of my grandads passing today.
as a family we went out and celebrated. It might seem weird that we did that but it is what he would have wanted us to do. We went to his grave and after laying flowers and saying some prayers and paying our respects we went back to a local pub and had some drinks.
Typical irish, celebrate everything with an alcoholic drink.
Its hard to believe he’s been gone for a whole year. When he died, our whole family was by his bedside. It was a hard time but I am glad I got to be there when he passed.
Today was about celebrating his life, and his spirit. He never let his illness get him down, he did it his way. At his funeral we played the song I did it my way, and he sure did that.