Damn it anyway!

My PA has been here all morning. Normally she doesnt have a car with her but today she had her dads car. Outside my house there’s a parking space, its mine, anyone whose visiting me can park there. I left my PA go a little early, and she just facebooked me to say that she’d recieved a parking fine of 150 euro! For parking in the space outside my house, that is my space, I might add. Damn it! I told her not to pay it. I told her to ring them up and see what they will say. She did and she just needs to get a picture of my disabled parking permit. But my god! Who would have reported her for parking there? Someone in my estate must have! Someone had to have done it! I live in a housing estate so its not like the people who clamp cars would even be in there! I am so angry! So so angry! Thank god its easily sorted though! Otherwise her dad would have had to pay 150 euro! No way I said there’s no way she’s paying it!
God what a nightmare! some people, they are malicious!

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Damn alarm!

My damn house alarm woke me up! At 6:30 AM! Ug, sigh!

I only went to bed at 3:30 and was just in a nice sleep too! Isnt that always the bloody way though?

Me and nitro were cuddled up in bed, sleeping! Next thing, beep, beeep, beep, from the alarm! I wanted to throw it, I was so mad!

I quickly jumped out of bed and turned it off. But that was the end of my sleep. Its now not even 7:30 AM and I am up for the day!

I made a cup of tea and am enjoying that. I may nap later on today if I can!

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Rude taxi driver

as some of you are aware I have to get taxi’s a lot. Every week I get a taxi to slimming world, and usually it is a relatively straightforward process.
A few times lately though I’ve had a driver who was extremely rude. He was smoking an Ecig in the car, which is against the law. He was taking me out of my way, going all the long way around and then charging me extra for the fare. He was driving eratically and then blaming everyone else on the road for his bad driving.
Last week when he overcharged me again and drove eratically for not the first time, my pa said she didnt feel safe getting in the car with him any more.
she asked me if she could call the taxi firm. I said she could.
so she called them. apparently this guy has been in trouble with the firm in the past. people have complained him. he’s been brought into the office and had a talking too.
so I was like well if thats the case why didnt they fire him?
Anyway he will no longer be picking me up. and the boss in the company said I could have my next taxi fare free of charge. So tonight I dont have to pay on the way to slimming world.
I’m glad my PA did what I couldnt do. I was too scared to complain him. I didnt want to make trouble even though he was clearly in the wrong.
I’m just glad its sorted out now and there will be no further incidents.

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having a Conniption

word of the day for today is…. conniption.

that is me right now. having a conniption. a canary. yes. i’m raging. i’m irritable. i’m agitated. i’m angry. angry at life. angry at the unfairness of things. why do I need to feel so badly? why do we need to always struggle? Life is so unfair. I’m really fighting anger. I want to scream, shout, pound the table I’m sitting at. My having a canniption is just me trying to release my feelings I know, but god, its scary! When rage takes you over, its hella scary!
I dont want to sit with it! I want it to go away!
But the word canniption? Isnt it a great word?
It says I’m raging! I’m struggling! I’m raging and this is not good!
I hope I can calm down soon. Another cuppa maybe?

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He’s such a bloody control freak

well damn! my dad is a bloody control freak!
i sware he drives me crazy! freakin nutty!
everythings routine with him. its blazing hot outside, what does he do? locks all the windows and curtains.
So now we’re all bloody sweltering!
Men! Well ok not all men, but..most?
He is so set in his ways! And then if you say anything its well you wont do it, i have to do everything in this house yada yada yada.
ya’ll know how that goes!
Honestly? My head is flippin wrecked from listening to him!

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