I may be able to travel to the USA soon yay!

So found out earlier today that donald trump may be lifting travel restrictions for europeans entering the US, he hasnt done it yet, but he might within the next few weeks all going well!
He said for countries who are making progress with the pandemic that he’ll consider it.
That means countries whose numbers are low and who dont have a whole load of cases of the virus!
Ireland is lucky in that regard…we have about 25 thousand cases overall, and our numbers are now the lowest they’ve been since the onset of covid19 back in March.
I’m not sure when I’ll travel yet, but I’m thinking maybe in september or october, all going well.
Now I need to watch over the next few weeks and see how americas doing with the virus, if the numbers are still rising, I may put off travel until next summer, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

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