I ordered a burrito

I am emotionally eating, I own it.
But I don’t care. I need to be kind to myself now, and its not everything that emily will allow us to eat.
I offered to order some lunch for us, and Emily wanted a burrito!
So I chose this nice mexican restaurant that we’d never tried, and I ordered a burrito. It was humungus!
I got it with the tortilla but you can get the burrito in a bowl without a tortilla and that is what we’ll do the next time we order one.
Heres what was on ours.
Mexican rice, black beans, minced beef, grilled peppers, jalapeno peppers, cheese and extra extra hot salsa!
OMG guys, it tasted amazing!
Emily even came out in the body and ate a bite or two of it!
She said when we order again from this restaurant she’d like to get it without the tortilla, so I promised her we would do that the next time.