Tale weaver for 23rd september 2021

I remember when I had to have surgery to have my ovaries removed. I was terrified.
the fear I felt was palpable. I was so scared.
But I was also in denial. I didnt know if the cysts on my ovaries were cancerous or benign.
I did a little research on the internet about ovarian cancer but I was still in denial that I could have it.
The fear I felt on the day of surgery was just immense.
I remember the doctor putting the epidural in my back. I had to stay completely still as if you move you can become paralysed.
I was hugging a pillow willing myself to be still and not move!
After waking up after surgery I felt more fear. That is until my mom came in to the ward. I instantly felt safe once my mom had arrived.

Tale Weaver 23.09.21 Fear | Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie (wordpress.com)