Back to college on the 4th

We’re going back to college on September 4th. I cant believe we’re going back so early. I thought we wouldnt be going back until the end of sept. But its next week, so one week of summer vacation left…boo!
Myself and my friend denise had to go talk to the people who are funding the course, that is, the cork city partnership. The organisation that I work for. We wanted to let the funding organiser know that we’d had some issues with the course coordinator, and with members of our class plajurising our work.
She was not impressed with all that as you can imagine! She gave us an opportunity to tell her everything, and then we made a plan. She said next week on our first day back, she’d be coming into the class, to hand out evaluation sheets, and she told us to document everything on the sheet, and hand it in to her the following week, and then she’d be able to address these issues with the coordinator.
We’re happy with that. Its the best she can do for us.
I hope the next 3 months go by fast. I’m sure they will. I’m a little irked that our results for the first two modules havent been posted on blackboard yet, we were meant to get them mid august, but our learner log hasnt even been corrected yet, and we have no results and I dont know when we’ll be getting them.
We will have lectures until the first week of december, and then we graduate in january.
We’ll graduate with a level six certificate in mental health in the community. I enjoyed the course so far but I wish there hadnt been so many issues, the coordinator is not the best, she said she was always contactable but that wasnt my experience of her.
Oh well. I am going to go back next week, work hard over the next 3 months, and hope I can do well and get my certificate. I’m sure it will all work out.