Prayers neded

hi guys
if you pray can you please pray for my cousin, he’s a heroin addict and last night he was found unresponsive having overdosed on heroin.
he was rushed to hospital and the overdose was reversed. i am not sure how he’s doing now. a taxi driver found him on the street.
He is the cousin whose mom died of cancer a couple weeks back.
carol anne

lies, and more lies…

growing up
i watch my dad
love alcohol
more than he loved me
his little girl
i watched as he drank
himself into an oblivion
more times than i care to count
then the lies would start
dont tell mom
its just one drink
i can manage it
it has not taken me over
the sad thing was though
it had, and to this day
it still does
no he may not drink as much
but even getting sorosis of the liver
didnt stop him
he stayed away from drink for 4 years
but an invitation to a wedding and he was back on it again
lies, oh so many lies
broken promises
yes means no
maybe means never
i’m sorry means nothing at all

run around tuesday

omg i have had the busiest of days! i literally havent stopped all day.

this morning we did digital media, the rest of the class are all way ahead of me, so this morning our tutor gave me a bunch of exercises to do so i could catch up to the rest of the class. i found them pretty easy, it was mostly common sense, very straightforward, all i had to do was read the notes and then answer questions on them.

after small break we cooked, we made vegetable soup and chicken caesar raps, i will post pics in a separate post. we ate the soup and raps for lunch, it was delicious. who knew butternut squash would be good in soup!

after lunch i went volunteering at cork city partnership. when i got there my supervisor was out of the office, and the girl i normally work alongside was out at a meeting, there were a couple other staff there but they were all busy, so i literally was on my own in reception for about an hour and a half. it was quiet though which was good. the only thing was it was so quiet that i was falling asleep, my eyes were literally closing and i was having a hard time concentrating.

trish, the girl who works alongside me came back at about 3:30 and she made me a coffee. she said i could go at 4:30 but i said i wouldnt, that i’d stay until 5 pm. we had a bit of a catch up over our coffees. then trish went to type up some minutes in another office and i stayed on the phones.

at 5 pm i went to mom and dads for dinner. i enjoyed dinner. i also had to change my outfit because i’d spilled all soup down the front of my top, because i am a disaster when it comes to food and spillages. after i’d eaten i was able to sit and relax for half an hour, talk to mom and dad and watch a little tv, before i had to get ready to leave again.

i had college tonight from 7 pm until 10 pm. the class tonight was so interesting. in our addictions module we learned how drugs effect the brain, the changes that occur in the brain when you take a substance, it was fascinating stuff.

the taxi was a couple of minutes late picking me up after class, but it was ok, the caretaker waited with me. when the taxi did finally pick me up he said he had passengers in his car who were drunk and wouldnt get out of the car. so at least he had a good excuse for being late.

now i’m back in abode, flat out exhausted, and wondering if i’ll be able to sleep tonight. i’ve taken my night meds, had a cup of tea and a yogurt, let nitro out, and now i’m sitting here on the couch surfing the net.

i’m happy with how my day has gone. tuesdays are long, but very productive

Weekly rap up

its been a busy week. as you all know my aunt passed away last weekend. her funeral was this week, it was actually yesterday. we went, but we only went to the actual funeral mass and burial afterwords. we didnt go to the removal the night before. we didnt take any time off. our sister and aunts and cousins all took 3 days off work, we didnt take time off college or the ILS course at all. we wanted to keep our week as normal as possible. do everything we’d normally do. we didnt see dr. barry because our apt clashed with the funeral times. but thats ok, we’ll hopefully see her next week. but we hadnt seen eileen either this week so we had very little support. that led to a few hard nights with anxiety, low mood, etc. but we got through it with the help of staff here at the facility. we also did a lot of self care. we went to bed early the past few nights, and we slept wwell. we did wake last night at 5 AM but we were able to go back to sleep again and once we did we did not wake until 8 AM. i usually get up at 7. we are having a good week on the course. we did a lot this week. we made brownies, and rice crispy cakes, we did some team work, personal effectiveness, we went to the gym today, we did some health and nutrition, etc. tomorrow nitro’s trainer nathalie is coming and we are going to have a chat about doing some routes on public transport like the bus. she is going to work with me and with staff here to train nitro in and then the staff here will continue to work with me after she’s done. i’m looking forward to seeing her. she’s really nice. i bet nitro will be super excited to see her. i’m still going to my addiction studies course each tuesday evening. i love it. i have two books to read before december 9th, beautiful boy, and tweak, both about a drug addict, one written by the addict himself, and the other is written by his father. i am going to compare and contrast the two books for my book review. tuesdays is my busy day, what with volunteering and then college that evening. i plan on doing nothing this weekend, chilling out and just taking things easy. I hope everyones had a fantastic week.

your Definition of addiction

so I’m wondering…

How would you define addiction?

I mean if you had to come up with your own definition of it.

This is a question we were asked last night during class.

I am curious as to what peoples answers are on it.