day 3 of our vacation water park and bolling

another long day for us. i have been up since 5 am.
we spent the morning just pottering around, getting dressed, showering, eating breakfast, getting ready to leave.
we left at 11 AM.
we drove for about an hour to get to where we were going.
we went to tralee, its a town in kerry, we went to the aqua dome, a big indoor water park.
it was amazing. i didnt end up going swimming though. my sis took the kids into the pool while mom and me went into the town and did some shopping for a couple hours.
when we came back to the pool they still werent out, so we had a coffee, i treated myself to a latte, mom got a cappachino but she didnt like hers.
once my sis came outside with the kids we ate our picnic lunch. we’d brought lots of sandwiches, crisps and fruit.
after lunch we decided to go bolling. we all played. my sister won the game. i ended up with a score of about 70.
we spent an hour bolling. and then me mom and my sister spent some money on the slot machines. we each spent five euro. we tried to win some money. i won 3 euro so i almost won back what i spent.
we got back to our apartment around six. made dinner and ate. now we are just lounging around watching tv. im not even tired, surprisingly. i felt a little tired earlier but the feeling passed.

The best st. patricks day ever

My days been so relaxed. I even had an afternoon nap for about 3 hours.
It was bliss. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
I did achieve a few goals too though like eating healthily, doing some self care activities, and reading.
I watched a little tv too with mom and dad, we watched this sorta weird wildlife show, and Irelands got talent.
Now its time again to catch up on blogs and email before I watch some more tv.
I just love relaxing days, don’t you?

self care goals

a different twist on my goals for today, instead of a list of my daily goals i want to achieve, i’m going to do a self care list of self care goals i want to achieve instead.

take a long hot shower
meditate for 10 to 15 minutes
exercise for 15 to 20 minutes
eat nutritious meals
read for an hour
write a list of positive things about myself
name 3 things I am proud of at the end of my day
get good rest

Chai latte

for my self care thing today I treated myself to a chai latte.

i didnt even make it at home, i went out with my pa to have it in a restaurant.

it was delicious. the restaurant we went to, well its a coffee shop, but I didnt even know they sold chai latte’s. so I learned something new today.

I just love the taste of a chai latte. Who else likes them?

carol anne

to my readers…I need ideas?

so as you my readers all know, I work on friday afternoons with children, in a preschool for kids with special needs.

well its the start of a brand new month, that means me and the other preschool teacher are getting ready to do some new activities with the children.

Each month has a different theme to it, set out by the curriculum that the preschool follows. This month, the theme is growth.

So what I am asking you guys is…

have you got any ideas for activities I can do with the children related to growth? Take into consideration that these kids are between ages 2-5 with most of them being between 2-4 and they have a lot of different issues ranging from sensory issues, to downs syndrome etc.

as an example, the other preschool teacher has already done something with the older age group about the body, and next friday afternoon we will be planting beans with the kids I work with.

so any ideas guys? anyone want to go look on pinterist to help me out?

I’d really appreciate it.

so growth, activities surrounding that theme?
thanks guys!
carol anne

Never fear friday is hear!

its friday, yay! so happy!

I am feeling a lot better this morning. I am still taking lemsips though. I think I’ll take another few maybe for another day or so just to be sure I am over this for christmas.

I stayed up late, but once I went to bed I actually slept. And today I am feeling good.

I’ll be going to my sisters house tonight with my mom. Just mom and me are going. WeRe going to stay over and have drinks, a christmas get together for just the 3 of us.

I am having a very lazy day. Its almost mid day and I am still in my pajamas. And I dont care lol.

Mom went last night and gave out christmas presents to family. I asked her to give out mine too. So I was getting texts all evening from my aunts and my uncle, because I’d bought all of them presents. I got my god mother a present, and my aunt that I am very close to she is moms sister, and then moms brother as well.

I’ve been sorting through my christmas music on one of my external hard drives this morning. I have a lot of it so its taking me a while. I also signed up for amazon prime last night. So now as well as netflix I’ll have amazon prime video on my apple tv.