Meeting with my mentor

so i met with aisling, my mentor this morning, and we discussed my goals, we’re using the path method to do up the goals.
we did some work on my personal values, and how I’d feel if I managed to complete all of my goals. Like, if I was able to wave a magic wand and achieve them all.
so what are my values?

My Personal Values:

Acceptance. Achievement. Adventure. Ambition. Appreciation. Authenticity. Autonomy. Balance. Belonging. Challenge. Choice. Commitment. Community. Compassion. Connection. Contribution. Creativity. Equality. Excitement. Fairness. Family. Freedom. Friendship. Fun. Happiness. Harmony. Health. Helping Others. Honesty. Humour. Imagination., Independence. Intellect. Intuition. Justice. Kindness. Leadership. Learning. Love. Loyalty. Making a Difference. Nature. Nurturing. Passion. Personal Growth. Privacy. Productivity. Reaching Potential. Respect. Responsibility. Routine. Security. Self-Expression. Service. Sharing. Success. Teaching. Team Work. Tolerance. Travel. Trust. Wisdom. Zest for Life.

Intrinsic Motivation:

How would I feel if I woke up and all of my goals had been reached

Whole. Fulfilled. Peaceful. Happy. Proud. Joyful. Fitter. Healthier. Creative. Successful. In Control. Connected. Stronger. Content. Calm. Excited about life. Confident.

I like this way of working! It makes me think hard about why I chose the goals I chose!

And it makes me want to achieve them all the more!

We’re meeting again in two weeks from now!

The next time we meet we’re going to be talking about where I’m at right now with my goals, and my personal characteristics that might be stopping me from achieving my goals!