Thought of the day!

It’s a new day! Let go of old issues, relationships, or apprehensions that are holding you back. Decide to move forward using the knowledge you’ve gained, from your failures and triumphs, while making room for new accomplishments. Cleaning isn’t just good for your house, it’s healthy for your mind. Adopt the attitude that you can and will achieve your dreams, because it’s true. You have greatness within you!
Les Brown


Friday goals…

I thought I’d do a goals post!

So here are my goals for Friday!

Go to the bank to get my weekly money out!
Clean the house
Ring the pharmacy about my meds
Go to dads for the weekend
Make healthy food choices
Read a few chapters of my book
Have a nice long bath

And those are my goals for today!

2019 New years goals!

Ok, I dont make resolutions but… I thought I’d list some of my new years goals! Goals I’d like to accomplish in 2019!

1 Continue to lose weight! I’m now down over 2 stone! In only 8 months! I have 4 more stone to lose, for my US readers thats about 60 pound! I plan on continuing to go to slimming world this year, and I plan on losing it all!

2 Continue with therapy. Continue on my healing journey, and continue to make peace with my past!

3 Have some adventures! I am planning to go on vacation a few times this year, with family. Our first one will be in Febuary, for my nieces 11th birthday. I love adventure, and I love vacations!

4 Study! I start college next week. I am doing a year long course in mental health in the community. I plan on working super hard at it. Learning is something that I love.

5 Continue volunteering at friendly call! My volunteer work is so rewarding. And its something I am good at and something I really love. This coming year I plan on doing more of that.

6 Going to family events! My cousin is making his communion in May, my other cousin is getting married in June, so we have two big family gatherings! Sometimes family gatherings are hard for me, so this year I plan on working on that with my therapist! I plan on going, and making memories, good memories, and on making the days count.

7 Working hard at recovery, in every sense. Not just therapy, but my overall recovery, my physical health, mental health, spiritual health, too! I plan on doing some really deep healing work this coming year.

So…2019 here I come! If I can achieve some or all of these goals I’ll be a very happy camper!


Something to celebrate

I slept. I got through the night. Even though I was missing Eileen so much, I made it.
Doing a happy dance! 😀
This morning I am celebrating my achievements. I will celebrate with a cup of coffee and a big smile plastered across my face. Eileen will be so proud of me. I used my coping skills. I didn’t wallow. I didn’t give in. Instead I practiced self care. I was ok.
Counting my blessings, life is good!