the plan going forward

Ok, I spoke to the doctor. We had a good chat. We discussed my A1C and she said it was really a significant jump from 72 in November, to 86 now.

She wants to refer me back to the diabetic nurse. So that is the first thing she did.

She is also referring me to a dietician. I’m not sure how many sessions I’ll have with her but definitely a few.

She also wants to increase my Trulicity from 1.5 MG to 3 MG weekly.

She said there is room for one more increase, but for now we’ll increase it to 3 MG.

That means I’ll be taking two shots at once each week.

She did say if the diabetic nurse wants to increase it to 4.5 MG, or if she wants to try something else that that will be fine.

So that is the plan for now.

I also have to stay on the metformin.

I am hoping it won’t take too long for both the dietician and the diabetic nurse to get in touch with me.

I will be hoping to hear something from them within the next week or two.

We’ll see. I’m happy with the plan for now.

I’ve already decided to cut out most sugar, and junk food from my diet.

I need to work very hard on my diet now. I need to bring my A1C down to a level that is acceptable.