#3things #361

Your three things today are:


It was the middle of summer, jade’s favourite season. She had picked some flowers for her grandmother. She wanted to show her appreciation for her. She was very close to her grandmother.
She had chosen daisies, she knew her grandmother loved them, she would bring her a cake, and the bunch of daisies she’d picked. She knew her grandmother would appreciate the sentiment.
She took the bus to her grandmothers cottage. It was about an hours bus trip to get there. She got there around 2 Pm, her grandmother was delighted to see her, and, she was even more delighted when she saw the daisies in Jade’s hand.
They sat together for the afternoon, eating cake, drinking tea, and catching up and talking about old times. Jade was her happiest when she visited her grandmother, she felt so loved and enjoyed hearing all of her wonderful stories.
All too soon it was time for jade to leave.