Tea or coffee, and dog treats!

Di has given us the following 3 things for the 3 things challenge:


Nitro is lying on the mat in front of my fireplace. He loves to rest on that mat, when he’s not in his bed, he’s lying on it.
I think to myself, hmmmm I should go make some tea.
Then I realise, I have no teapot.
So I wont be able to make a pot of it!
I used to have a small dainty teapot, that held 2 mugs of tea. I am not sure where it has got to now!
Padding across the room in my slippers, I reach for my mug.
Coffee it is then, I say to myself, as I fill my kettle.
Nitro lifts his head and slowly start getting up!
And someone wants a doggy treat!