3 things challenge 22nd January 2019

Today’s prompts are: Tuesday, chamber music, Swiss cheese

Its Tuesday again guys
And another busy day here

What is that? I hear
Chamber music, I fear

Oh, please?
Anyone want some swiss cheese?

Maybe we can listen
To the sweet sounds
Of chamber music
While we munch our way through
Some swiss cheese!

yes, now that sounds like a plan to me!
Happy tuesday, everyone!


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3 things challenge 21st January 2019

Todays prompt is: superhero, washing machine, pizza

A little ramble this morning, because I have no good writing inspiration…
Our littles want pizza! They’ve been wanting some for weeks, but not the frozen kind, oh no. They want pizza delivered to our house! I said no! I dont want to chance it! I am still dieting, and that would really mess up our weight loss for sure!
I did get them a treat last night, it wasnt pizza, but it was fried food. We had fries with garlic mayo and chees on them. Darina was in heaven! She loves food! She’s six, and just loves having treats.
So they’re happy now. In other news, I have been washing clothes all weekend, my washing machine is constantly going because I was washing my bed sheets as well as some of my clothes, I must have used up a ton of electricity doing that! But now I have all clean sheets and clothes too so thats great!
And now its time to go feed my superhero Nitro! He’s whining at me, wanting his breakfast, he’s standing looking mournfully at me, as if I never fed him!


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3 things challenge January 20th 2019

Todays prompts are: couch, foot, helmet

I sat on the couch
Tapping my foot
Wondering, wondering
What I should do
Anxiously I pondered it
Where I should go
Taking my time
Sitting, going slow
Things hadnt gone well
Yesterday afternoon
My friend wasnt wearing his helmet
And it happened all too soon
He got run over
A car hit him head on
Now we’re all left
So sad, so forelorn
He was taken from us way too soon
Gone in a blink of an eye
All because
He decided
That a helmet wasnt for him
A very, very bad decision!


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3 things challenge 19th January 2019

Todays prompt is: fish, nuke, jalopy

I’m really stumped!
so…Here I go…

I nuke a fish I caught. I nuke him in a corner, reel him in, and then, plop! He falls off the line! So much for nuking that little bugger!
Fishing just isnt my thing!

I couldnt think of a poem, or something to write for jalopy!
So this little titbit of silliness will have to do!


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3 things challenge, jan 18th 2019

Todays prompts are: overpowered, civilization, invasion

An invasion of emotion
invading my mind
I am overpowered by it
All I want to do is run
Run from it
Run into another civilisation
One that is very different
So different from mine
That it changes me
Changes my mindset
Emotions can kill
They can really kill


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3 things challenge, 14th Jan 2019

Todays prompts: automaton, magical, twilight


In the twilight hour
I sit
Thinking and pondering
What is life all about?
How do I make it count
All of a sudden
I am overtaken
By magical thinking
And I sit
Wonder, is this real?
I wonder, how I should feel?
As the hours tick by
Slowly I try
To reflect on my life
But that magical thinking
Clouds my vision
Makes me feel
So surreal
So eventually I quit
Lie down
And try to sleep
And dream, hopefully


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