3 things challenge, yay for awesome moms!

My mom is fantastic! Not only is she the best mom ever, but, she’s also a great cook! Today she helped me cook my slimming world chili! And when it was made, she portioned it out for me, and now, I have 3 dinners for during the week!
Yay! I wont be hungry and I’ll be eating chili for a while!
Good thing I love it! And it tastes fantastic too!
Yay for awesome moms! Oh and she also went to the grocery store for me and picked up my fruit for the week, and got my money out of the ATM!
I love her!


3 things challenge

The words for todays challenge are: cold, mushy, speak!

Janice could hardly speak! She was in awe!
Simon had just proposed in the most mushy of ways!
He had surprised her, taken her totally off guard!
There they were, middle of winter, in a flurry of snow, far from home.
He’d gotten out of their broken down car, stood next to her, looked into her beautiful blue eyes, and then produced a ring, and went down on one knee!
So will you marry me?
OMG Simon! Yes!
But first lets get this car on the road again, and lets get out of this cold!


3 things challenge #24

Kate had an array of teddies. But miffy was her very favourite. As she sat on her bed, clutching miffy, her mom walked in, she smiled at kate.
Good morning, sweetie? She said.
Time to get up!
Awww mom, do I have to, kate groaned!
I’m afraid so, dear!
Kate’s mom spyed a piece of paper on kates desk.
What is this? She asked picking it up.
Mom, no! Thats private kate said! I’m writing a letter to my friend!
Yeah, and you cant read it, mom!
With that, kate jumped out of bed and snatched it away!
Well that was a good way to get you up, her mom quipped, now get dressed and come down for breakfast, ok?
You dont want to be late!


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Three things challenge #20: my response

The words today for the 3 things challenge are anger, paper and hotel.

As he held the piece of paper and read what was on it his anger flared. How could she write something like this about him? He thought for a few minutes. He wasnt sure how to respond, he thought he shouldnt respond to her while he was so angry. That wouldnt be wise.
He decided he needed a break. A break away from all the drama. So he went into the kitchen, picked up the phone and rang a local hotel.
“Can I book a room for a few nights?” He said to the receptionist!
A few minutes later his room was booked, and as he walked back into the living room he looked again at that piece of paper. He picked it up, ripped it into pieces, and stomped on it with satisfaction.

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3 things challenge 1st October 2019

I wish I was a good actor, ian said wistfully. His mother stood at the sink, reading the label on the face mask she just bought. She wasnt really listening to Ian lamenting about his desire to be an actor, she was too busy studying the product to hear what he was saying.
Mom, Ian said, are you even listening?
Yes, dear, of course!
No your not! You never listen to me!
No, his mom said, I just pay for your acting lessons!
With that, she turned around and started busying herself putting her face mask on!


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3TC Creep, wish, soup

Do you want a bowl of soup, jan asked the man sitting next to her at her table. They were at a dinner party, she’d seen him looking at her and then at the array of food on the counter.
Soup? he questioned?
Yes, she said. There is mushroom, and vegetable up there. I’m grabbing some for myself, so shall I go get some for you?
Oh yes please, If you dont mind, he said. So up she got and she quickly went to where the food was being served, two bowls of vegetable soup, she said, and then brought them back to their table.
Are you alone? The man asked.
Yes, jan said wondering why he was looking at her so strangely.
She’d only tried to be friendly and help him to get some food.
All of a sudden he started to stare intently at her. he looked her up and down with an evil glint in his eye.
He was making her very nervous. What should she do? She thought and then she made her excuses and got up.
I need to go now, she said as she turned on her heels and tried to leave.
Oh no you dont, he said jumping up!
I wish I was invisible! Jan thought as she heard herself start shouting at him!
Fuck off! You are a creep!
Go annoy someone else!
Im not going to let you push me around!
Piss off!
By now all the guests had stopped what they were doing, stopped eating, and were looking at them both.
The guy got flustered, and just as he was about to grab her, Jan lifted her leg and kicked him hard!
I said piss off! she shouted, and I meant it!
Now dont talk to me again!
And with that, Jan marched off in the opposite direction.

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3tc challenge PL156

todays prompts for 3tc are park, gallop and liqorice

He sat on a park bench, stuffing his face with liqorice. He loved the stuff. Especially the smell of it, the black ones were his favourites.
Suddenly his labrador galloped up to him. He licked his hand, what! You want liqorice too boy? Kevin said with a smile!
Come on he said, time to go for our walk. The dog wagged his tail and jumped around excitedly. Steady, boy, kevin chuckled. Whose walking who here!
They set off and did a couple laps of the park, being out in the fresh air felt so good. This is the life, thought kevin, his dog agreed, it certainly was a dogs life.

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