Your three words/things today are:



There was a knock at the door, and Kate jumped, she ran to the door, there, in front of her stood a delivery guy.

Is this the home of kate Murphy? He said, beaming.

I’ve got a delivery for you.

Kates eyes grew wide, as she surveyed the delivery guys arms.

There, in his arms were the biggest bunch of roses.

Oh look! She squealed, for me?

Yes he said, happy valentines day.

Someone really loves you!

Kate took the flowers from him, and ran back inside to put them in water.

As she did, she wondered who had sent them to her.

She really wasnt sure, but getting them had made her feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

This is the best valentines day ever, she gushed.

I feel so loved.


#3TC challenge

It was a secret that she liked to eat marshmallows. She just adored them. With any luck, nobody would find out, because, if they did, then she’d have to share the bag with people! And she didnt want to do that! Sharing is caring? No, I dont think so, she thought! She wanted the whole lot to herself! Marshmallows were her comfort food!


3TC challenge

Your three words today are:



There was a lot of unrest in the house. The telivision was always on and jill was furious at her kids. You’ve got some nerve she said to them! I’m going to get rid of this telivision! Its causing your brains to melt. And with that, she plugged it out, and lifted it up and out of the room. Her kids didnt know what to do or think. No telivision? It was a tragedy! What would they do now! They would have to have a conversation with each other. And they just werent used to doing that.


3TC #86

Di is the host of the 3 things challenge, each morning she brings us a new challenge, 3 words, that we can use to make a story, poem, or whatever we choose to do with them!

Your three words today are: CUT, CURT, COURT

With a curt look on his face and shaky legs, steven felt his heart quicken. He was ready. Just as he was ready to go in to the court room, he spotted the judge, he cut the engine of his car, and froze. This was it, he thought. His life was about to come to an abrupt end.


3TC #85

Di has given us a new 3TC challenge, todays words are Kite, happiness and bell.

Little cian was out with his dad, flying a kite. His happiness was written all over his little face.
“Wow, dad!” This is great!
They spent an hour flying his kite, then, the church bell rang.
“Come on son, his dad said” “Its time to go and sing christmas carols”
5 more minutes dad?
Ok then, his dad laughed, you win! 5 more minutes.


3 things challenge, yay for awesome moms!

My mom is fantastic! Not only is she the best mom ever, but, she’s also a great cook! Today she helped me cook my slimming world chili! And when it was made, she portioned it out for me, and now, I have 3 dinners for during the week!
Yay! I wont be hungry and I’ll be eating chili for a while!
Good thing I love it! And it tastes fantastic too!
Yay for awesome moms! Oh and she also went to the grocery store for me and picked up my fruit for the week, and got my money out of the ATM!
I love her!