Your three things today are:

It was a very eerie evening, the woods was silent, you could hear a pin drop. As pam walked, she felt uneasy, and she hoped no one was following her, but then, who would be in this woods, she couldnt think of anyone who’d want to walk here, except her, but then, she was always a little crazy and she always did weird stuff.
All of a sudden she heard a noise, she froze, her heart thumping wildly in her chest.
The silence was broken, and suddenly she wasnt alone any more.


3TC #191

Your 3 words for the challenge are:

I have a wicked sense of humour! At least, thats what everyone always tells me!
Today my sister was drinking coke, I was joking, and she laughed so hard that some coke came out her nose!
A great piece of commedy to brighten the day!


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3tc #171

The words for this challenge were cough, lift, and surprise!

I got the surprise of my life when standing at the lift door, a sudden gust of wind made me start to cough and splutter, it almost blew me away so I quickly jumped into the lift as the doors swung open!


3TC #165, an old one!

The three words to use in the challenge were fist, cross, biscuit!

Nitro nearly took off my finger as I gave him the dog biscuit! But I couldn’t be cross with him, I did say the word treat, to get him to come in from outside, the word treat sends him bounding in from the garden, I did a fist pump as he bounded over to me for his treat and when it was gone he wagged his tail at me and licked his lips in satisfaction.


#3tc march 19th

Your 3 things today for #3tc are:

I’m not going to panic! I will go to the shop and buy what I can buy! And then, I will come home and make some fruit punch! Fruit punch is so yummy! I will make it and sit and watch a commedy on netflix and enjoy sipping on my fruit punch.
Life is good!


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#3TC challenge #175

The 3 words for todays challenge are:

The stable was empty except for one lone horse. The horse was a beauty, big, strong, majestic.
Sean walked in and looked at the horse, and he decided to take him for a ride.
Everything was going great, until the horse got spooked and bolted, throwing sean to the ground.
Sean tried to get up but he couldnt, he knew he’d done something to his foot, he felt as if it was broken.
He called out, hoping someone in the nearby barn would hear him.
Eventually they did, and he was taken to hospital to have his foot looked at.
He never rode that horse again!


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