Share your world February 5th 2018

What would be your ideal fantasy way to spend Monday?
curled up by the fire with a good book and a mug of hot cocoa.
What one person that you are out of contact with would you like to say thank you to?
my first therapist, she was the one who we first opened up to about hearing voices and she came with us to an assessment to be diagnosed as multiple, unofficially.
List your favorite toys or games as a kid?
hmmmm well i liked being read to, playing house with my baby doll, having teddy bears picnics, playing on my outdoor swing, as for toys i liked my pretend kitchen, any toy i had thatmade noise lol, my pogo stick, scooter, roller blades, etc.
What did you appreciate or what made you smile this past week? Feel free to use a quote, a photo, a story, or even a combination.
my family, going to killarney, nitro, baking an apple crumble, going to work with the kids and achieving most of my goals each day.
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Shedding the pounds, day 1

today I started my weight loss journey.

I weighed myself this morning. I am 228 pounds, or 102 kgs.

I’d like to lose about 70 to 80 pounds this year, if i could.

Thats not gonna be easy. I’ve battled with weight for so long. It seems like a lot. But I am determined. I can do this.

I went on the treadmill this morning. I got up early just so that I could do my exercise while I felt energised. I went on and I walked for 20 minutes.

I felt sooo good after it.

I’ve eaten really healthily today. I ate fruit for breakfast. A sandwich and a yogurt for lunch. A baked potato and some fish for dinner. And I’ve just had a snack of some more fruit.

I’m going to try to only weigh myself once a week. Otherwise I’ll drive myself crazy.

Heres to the end of day one. Its been a great start and long may it continue.

New years eve eve

and i cant believe it. one more day till its 2018. it doesnt feel like it. well it does, kinda. what i mean to say is, this year flew by.

there has been many ups and downs this year. dad getting ill. moms health scare. my did reassessment. starting the ILS course. Starting my addictions course. And those are just a few of them.

i am looking forward to starting the new year, and i hope it will be a good one. i plan on making it good. i havent written any resolutions yet. i am hoping to do it tomorrow at some point.

we’re having a big family dinner tomorrow. my sis and her partner and kids will come over, and my dads brother is coming, he’s in a nursing home but he’s getting to come to my parents house for the day tomorrow. we’ll have dinner and then tomorrow night i’ll ring in the new year with my parents. i’m sure the whole family will be texting one another as we always do on new years.

tonight mom went out for drinks with her two sisters and her brother. she asked me to come but i said i wouldnt. i figured I’d let them spend time with just each other.

i sat and watch tv with my dad. my dads been hard to be around lately because he’s not well and he takes it out on the rest of us that he’s not well. he gets agitated, and angry. he snaps at people. he says things like he doesnt want to be alive, and this is the worst christmas he has had. i know its because he’s sick that he says those things. but its hard to hear.

i hope all of you will have a good new years eve tomorrow. are any of you doing anything special to celebrate? or will you be alone for it? whatever you do I want you to know I wish you all a happy new year. I wish that 2018 will bring great things for you.
carol anne