#Jusjojan plus one liner wednesday for jan. 1st 2020! Back home again!

I am back home in my own house, and me and Nitro are so happy to be home!
My sister dropped me off about half an hour ago!
I love my sister! She is exhausted, but she offered to drive me anyway, to save me money on a taxi!
She is so sweet to want to do that for me!
Now that I am home, I am unpacking all of my christmas loot!
And Nitro is following me around because he knows I have treats! And of course he’d love it if I gave some to him!
And of course I cant resist giving in to him!
So tomorrow will be mostly a day of rest, although I do have to work for 2 hours in the morning, but I am working from home so that is all good! I dont mind having to do that!
Ok off to make a coffee and eat my delicious roast beef sandwich that my dad very kindly made for me out of our leftover roast beef!


One liner wednesday: Hurray, she can fit me in!

I just texted my therapist, because, my psychiatrist wants to see me on the 16th, however, I was ment to see my therapist eileen on that morning!
I explained in my text and I asked her if she can fit me in on another day during that week!
Her answer?
“Of course!” We’ll manage it. I’ll fit you in on another day!
What an awesome therapist I have!
She’s always so accomodating! I love her for that!


One liner wednesday, late but here it is!

In honour of world mental health day today…heres my inspiring words for linda g hills one liner wed.

I’m not crazy just because I live with did! I’m normal, just like you! The only difference is, I share my body with a lot of people, alters, parts, whatever you wanna call us!
Being multiple means there is more of me to love!
Having did makes me unique!
I love my alters, they saved my life!


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One liner wednesday!

I am late to the party this week but…I will participate anyway!

And my titbit of wisdom for this week?

Never underestimate the power of positivity and prayer!

My blogging buddies have been amazing over the past 24 hours, praying for my cousins little boy to pull through!

Now we’re hopeful he might!
My mom pulled a card from my deck of angel cards yesterday and, it was spot on!

The angels are looking down on us!


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One liner Wednesday, A great PA!

Me tonight to my PA: Thanks for everything, I enjoyed walking the dog tonight, your a great PA!

My PA: Awwww thanks! such a nice  thing to say to me!

But I don’t know who I prefer, you, or nitro!


Way to make me feel good, my dog is cuter than me!