Another blog for the kids

so the kids wanted their own blog. they want a place to talk, freely. but its going to be private with only chosen readers. if you would like to follow our littles blog please email me at

the blog is already set up. a couple of my readers are listed as following it but we haven’t blogged there in a long time. but now we are going to use the blog again for the littles to have their own space. so if you’d like to view it email me or comment here with your email and I will invite you.

the littles are looking forward to interacting with some of you their friends who have been so supportive of them on here. of course this blog will still be going as well so don’t worry we are not stopping this one.

allie im so sad?

its allie. and i am very very sad.

my heart hurts so much. and i miss dr. barry. i am thinking bout her with her two kids. wondering what they are doing together. and i am jealous. i want to be with her. i want her all to myself. i dont want her to be on holidays or to have to share her with her kids

i am glad i see eileen today. maybe i can try to tell her how i am feeling. it hurts so much right now. i just miss dr. barry so much.

i wonder if shes thinking of me? like i’m thinkin of her?

my eyes are burning from cryin. my chest is tight my heart is hurting its squeezin in my chest and i feel like i am chokin.

im just so sad.

A tired sunday

i’m extremely tired today. i slept for hours couldnt seem to wake myself fully up. of course now that its night time i’m awake. i probably shouldnt be drinking coffee but oh well. it is what it is. i actually woke quite early, had breakfast and then just went right back to bed with my book. i’m still reading nobodys son by cathy glass. its a great read. audible has it if your interested in reading it in audio, but you can also get it on kindle or in paperback. it is her newest book. i left my parents at around 4 this afternoon and came home to my own house. my mom was going to my aunts tonight and i was going to go with her and just stay the night at my parents, but then i decided i wouldnt, because if i did that my day would be all messed up tomorrow. i had to take chicken out of the freezer for dinner, i also had some fruit and milk and other grocery items that i needed to get home today, because if i stayed at mom and dads, i’d be going to therapy from there tomorrow and i cant carry all that stuff with me. so its just as well i went home. plus nitro prefers his own bed well ok he prefers my bed lol but he likes his own house. he’s doing much better as well. his ears arent as sore as they were. for a couple of days after he got the drops in he was whimpering a lot and shaking his head a lot. but they seem much better now. i gave him his flea treatment today. its a tablet that will last him 3 months. he tried to spit it out so i ended up having to put it into something so he’d take it. he’s so cute he knew what iwas doing! anyway eventually he took it which was good. i hope the respite centre gets in touch with me this week. i need to go and visit the place. i’m nervous about going there, but also looking forward to it too. i’m wondering what level of disabilities people that go there will have. i think a lot of the people who go there are quite disabled and need a lot of assistance with dressing, batheing etc. i dont need that level of assistance. i cant wait to tell dr. barry i got the respite, she’ll be thrilled. i’m missing dr. barry tonight. not seeing her this week will be hard. i know she needs a break though so I am trying to say to myself that she needs a holiday she works hard and i will see her soon. the little parts are upset though. they are so attached to her they hate it when she is not here. We will be counting down the days until her return.

Musings on a saturday night

so the rest of my saturday evening was good. Did not get up to much. Had a little me time, ran a hot bath and enjoyed that. Read my book for a while and watched some more tv with my parents. We watched the voice UK which was good. We also watched a quiz show where they give away cars, holidays and cash. I’m tired so think I will have an early night. Ending my day on a happy note which I love.

Mid weekend

I’m having a very low key and quiet weekend. I’m at my parents, and have basically been either sleeping, or reading all day. Since I havent slept great all week, I needed to catch up on sleep. I am reading the new Cathy glass book called nobodys son, and will review it once I’m done.
Mood wise things are ok. I feel happy and havent been struggling that much with low mood or feeling triggered which is a huge relief to me.
The weather is crap wet and windy and just icky so I havent been able to go out walking like I’d planned to do. I’ll be going home to my own house tomorrow though so can use the treadmill and get my exercise in that way.
Eating wise I am eating very healthily, drinking plenty of water, eating a ton of fruit and vegetables and I am pleased with how things are going on that front. Even yesterday, while I was at the basement club, someone brought in chocolate and biscuits and I didnt have any, I was able to say no to them.