Me and the dog

Me and my dog are having a lazy Saturday morning. I love mornings like this. It feels so good to be just able to sit and relax, drink my coffee, and wait for my PA to come at 9 AM. I have a plumber coming this morning to fix my boiler. Some part is missing and he has to install a new part and service the boiler. Then I have to go and get my eyebrows and lip waxed, and then I have to do my grocery shopping. Hopefully I can get lunch at Subway today. It’s been awhile since I had a sub. I love them.

I’m co-admin of a disabled parents support group

Matters to Sam

Hi everyone,

So recently like this past week I started a new group. It’s for any parent with a disability. My friend LaVonia inspired the idea. She’s deaf blind and autistic and has an autistic daughter. She’s told me about some of the struggles she’s had particularly with trying to advocate for her daughter at school and not being given the time of day due to her own disability. I thought how crushing that must be and isolating, in the same way that those of us who are blind and have mental illness are isolated. Looking on FB I saw no general parents with disabilitys support group or anything even for autistic parents.

So I decided to co-admin the group. Even though I’m not a parent. I opened it too to anyone caring for children, as another friend is a respite carer. I also perhaps one day would like to…

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chatting a little bit

i’m home from hospital 3 days now. it doesnt seem like it. so far things are going well. i am stable. my mood is ok. my anxiety is not too bad. sometimes it peaks at night but i think that is just my norm. i think it is just that my ptsd symptoms are worse at night.
mom put a color in my hair today. its dark brown, it was just a box color but it turned out nice. i badly needed it done because there were a lot of greys showing up. i usually put a color in every six weeks. tomorrow i am going to get my eyebrows and lip waxed. the joys of being a woman, we go through a lot in the name of beauty!
i’m going to a concert tomorrow night. i cant wait. my sister bought me the ticket as a xmas present. she is also going. so is my mom, 2 aunts, and 2 cousins. we’ll be standing and i hope i can manage to stand for 3 hours. there is going to be thousands of people there so it might get a little hot, and people will probably be dancing so moving all around so I hope we dont get squashed.
Mark who is my OT rang me today. He wanted to know if I ws free to meet up next week. i told him I wasnt so we arranged to meet the following week. I think we are going to talk about my resume, because that is the last thing we were working on together. I told him Karen dr. barrys social worker was trying to contact him to ask him to write some letters of support for me, so that I could add them in and give them to the people who are helping me obtain more PA hours. He said sure, he’d write the letters for me. He said He’d ring Karen back and organise it with her.
I’m going on vacation next week too. With my mom, sister and my sisters kids. We’re off to Killarney in co. Kerry. For 3 days. It should be fun. HOpefully the weather will hold up for us so we can go places and do fun things. We’re staying in a hotel in a suite.

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I had an accident

Yesterday I went out for a walk with my dad and nitro. While we were walking I took a tumble. My dad walks really fast and I wasn’t able to keep up with him. I lost my balance and tripped over a curb. I grazed my knee is pretty badly. The left one is worse than the right. It was hard for me to get up off of the ground. My legs felt really weak and I felt really shaky. Eventually I did manage to get up. It’s the last time I’ll go walking with my dad. It’s just not worth it. I’m just not fit in off to keep up with him. I’m lucky I didn’t break a bone. I bet nitro was wondering what was going on, he didn’t run away or anything when I fell. Good thing to.