Goals for the 20th january 2018

Here are my goals for today.

Eat a healthy breakfast, done.

Exercise for half an hour, half done.

Take meds, done.


Read some of my book and possibly finish it.

Blog, done.

Spend time with my friend.

Research some activities that I can do with my kids at the preschool.


I’m so unfit. I really am out of shape in every way.
But still, I tried this morning. I got on the treadmill and spent 15 minutes on it. I think thats good for my first day of exercising.
I’m proud of myself. I plan on doing another 15 minutes on it this afternoon.
I’m determined to try to exercise at least 5 days a week. More if I can.
Any tips for me for increasing motivation? This morning I set a timer on my phone. It helped because as the minutes ticked down on it I kept telling myself just a little more, just a little more and I’ll be done.
carol anne

#JusJoJan 19th, darkness

Yesterdays JusJoJan prompt was darkness. Use it any way you like. Visit kerri’s jusjojan post here
to read the rules.

as darkness fell
she went in to her own personal hell
flashbacks abound
she thought she’d never be found
the memories began
as she swam and swam
black sticky mud
it looked like crud
she couldn’t breathe
as she tried to swim through it
pain eroded her soul
with each breath
it took its toll

good morning sleep and other things

well guys…despite me thinking i was going to be up all night, i wasnt. i got an idea from another blogger and i ran with it. they asked me if one of the bigs might be able to manage our sleep. so i asked jade, because she had taken us off to bed on thursday night when people in the system were resisting going. so i talked to her and we agreed that if the body gets really tired then she will just take us to bed no questions asked. this seems to be working as she did this again last night and it worked, we slept. we got about six straight hours of sleep which was brilliant for us as normally thats unheard of. its now just 7 AM and i got up about a half hour ago. i’m sitting here sipping my latte and just enjoying a little bit of peace and some music. feels wonderful. i have no plans for today really, other than my friend norma is coming over in the afternoon and we are going to get take away food. other than that its a chill out sorta saturday for me. reading, watching tv, being online, etc. its freezing here this morning so i am glad i dont have to go out in the cold. has anyone got any plans for the weekend?
carol anne

personal assistant

so tonight my new pa came. it went well. she’s so nice. so friendly. very very down to earth and chatty. i liked her from the start. we sat chatting for a while, drinking coffee and just getting to know one another. she’s 47, and she had a 3 year old little girl. me and her had so much in common. we both have youth and community work diplomas. we both went to the same college and we had some of the same lecturers. we both knew a particular girl and her two kids. its such a small world. i couldnt believe the amount of things we had in common. i got her to change my bedsheets, wash them, vacume, and do dishes, help me prepare a meal, and go to the store for me. i had four hours in total but she had everything done after 3 and a half so i let her go half an hour early. i think we’ll get along really well though. i’m pleased with how things went.
carol anne


so i made it through my first day at the preschool. I just got home about 20 mins ago. I’ll write about the day later tonight. I need to decompress first. Its taken a lot out of me to be there and I worked very hard with the kids. I’m exhausted now but my PA is going to be here any minute so I need to get ready for her. Just a heads up the next post is going to be passworded because I talk about the kids I worked with in detail. If you want the password email me at
if you are using the wordpress reader, passworded posts dont show up so you will either need to go to my blog website to read it or if you get email notifications it will tell you the post is passworded and to go to the site to read it.