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Patricia Grace

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Like a bird with a broken wing, do you hold your heart gently to see what’s there with open and willing arms? No. Reject, refuse, debate and scorn.

But what if you see what’s there, gently holding it, caressing the hurt lovingly with curiosity fully accepting whatever is there? So many times my head rejects my heart refusing to allow what is there, dismissing the pain as weakness, the humanness as failure, and being less than.

The separation keeps myself from myself. No love. What if you gently take a look? Don’t let the fear of what is there keep you away. Strong feeling are fearful, but they are just feelings.

Old hurts haunt, trip me up, keep me stagnant and will not heal. The wound is deep originating from childhood. It is OK to go there and give her what she needs. Open your arms and…

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Happy Sunday funday

its sunday afternoon in my neck of the woods, just gone 1 PM.

I slept kind of ok, got about 3 to 4 hours. think i managed to go to bed at like 3 AM. was up when my alarm, thats nitro, was whimpering at me to let him out…around 6:40.

i stayed up until 8:30, doing email and having coffee and stuff. Then I decided to go back to bed. And I slept! I had planned on reading for a while but I could not stay awake.

I stayed in bed all morning. I had a couple of weirdish dreams, but they werent nightmares so thats good. My friend called me at noon and we talked for about half an hour. Then I got up and showered.

Moms coming over in a little while with my sister and the kids. They are bringing me dinner so I dont have to cook. Moms going to also help me pack my bag for going to the ILS course tomorrow.

I cant believe the weekends almost over. It goes by in the blink of an eye. I start my healthy eating kick tomorrow. I wont be actually going to slimming world until wednesday but I am going to start tomorrow to eat healthy and be very good about the food I put into my body.

So with that, I shall leave you and finish my tea, thanks for reading everyone!
carol anne


i hate myself. i feel so fat. fat and disgusting. i want to vomit. i cant help it i just feel so gross. it will get all the badness out of me if i do it. i am black on the inside. why did carol anne let erika eat those cookies earlier? i wish she hadnt. im just obsessing over the amount of calories in them.
emily age 12

Sam talks about racial equality

We should all take a leaf out of little sams book!

suziland too or obsolete childhood

I spent some time with Sam, the five year old next door, for a few hours this afternoon.  Sam is a precocious young man of firm convictions…and his big sister got him started on a rant about civil rights.

Braalie: “Sam! You can’t color a person blue! People are pink, or white, or a sort of brown.”

Sam: “I can too”

Braalie:  “no, Sam, do it right. You can’t just change the color of people. if you want to color with the blue crayon do the sky or something”

Sam: “People can be blue. Evlis Parsley said so. it’s on gramppops tape player!”

Braalie: “That isn’t what that means.”

Sam: “People can be any color they want. Even green! Except maybe Martins are green. I bet they carry ray guns too if they want. They’d zap you for saying they can’t be blue”

Braalie: “Granma Suze, will you talk to…

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there is a new passworded post

this is just a heads up that there is a new passworded post about my work experience.
i give these heads up for those who might use the wp reader as passworded posts dont show in the reader. so if you want to check it out you’ll have to visit the blog site.
the password is the same as always…for those wanting to check out my passworded posts email me at
for the pw.
carol anne