Evening ramble

well guys despite a lot of anxiety earlier and a little bit of exhaustion I have had a pretty good and very relaxed evening. I ate a very healthy dinner of roast chicken, potatos, cauliflower, carrots and peas. It was a residents birthday and so there was ice cream and birthday cake, but I resisted it, I didnt have any, instead I had my fruit salad. I was gonna give in and have some, but then I thought about going to slimming world on wednesday, stepping on that scales and possibly not losing anything. I thought about how disappointed I’d be if that happened, and so I said no to the cake and ice cream. Everyone kept telling me how much will power I had to not eat it. I suppose its true I do have determination to be able to refuse it. After dinner when I went upstairs I called a friend whose feeling a little down at the moment, and I talked to her for a bit. Then I decided that I’d take a nice long hot shower. I was hoping that would settle me some as I could feel the anxious feelings rising up again. So I took a shower and I felt so good afterwords. I got this new shampoo and I used it tonight. Its amazing, and smells sooo good you could almost eat it if you didnt know better 🙂 its papaya and mango and man its just amazing! After my shower I lay down and I decided I’d read, and if I fell asleep then that would be ok because of therapy today, I’m always pretty exhausted after the session. I did fall asleep. That was around 7:30 PM and I just woke up at 9:15. I let nitro out to do his nightly thing, of course he was ignoring me and refusing to come in again. So I let him out a little bit longer and I had to just wait until he was ready. He takes his sweet time about it though lol 😛 anyway, he’s in now. I’m about to make some tea now and watch some tv for a while. The anxious feelings have gone for now, again. Thank goodness. I hope they wont come back later when its time to settle down.
carol anne

Share your world march 12th 2018

If a distant uncle dies and you were always his favorite and leaves you $50,000 (any currency) in his will, what would you do?

I’d go on a cruise, donate some to my favourite charities, go on a shopping spree, and travel

What sound or sounds do you love?

the sound of wind chimes, the ice cream truck, rain falling when I am inside snug in bed, childrens laughter

Whats your middle name? Why?

Majella. After my momds besty at the time I was born.

What did you appreciate or what made you smile this past week? Feel free to use a quote, a photo, a story, or even a combination.

My week is only starting so I am not sure what I will appreciate this week but I hope it will be a lot of things.


Monday goals

My goals for monday are only a few. but thats ok.

take meds, done
eat a healthy breakfast, done
bruth teeth, done
go to therapy, done
eat a healthy lunch, done
exercise for 20 minutes
catch a nap if i can
read my book for an hour
watch a little bit of net flicks
do my skin care routine
get a good nights sleep if possible

“Feelings Don’t Try To Kill You…..”

Fighting for a Future


“Feelings don’t try to kill you, even the painful ones. Anxiety is a feeling grown too large. A feeling grown aggressive and dangerous. You’re responsible for its consequences, you’re responsible for treating it. But…you’re not responsible for causing it. You’re not morally at fault for it. No more than you would be for a tumor.”
― Patrick NessThe Rest of Us Just Live Here

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Monday motivation

Today is a wonderful and amazing day bursting with opportunity. Such is every day that is blessed by the light of day. Treat it as such, and you will see that the opportunities are innumerable and possibilities infinite.
Savannah Brodeur