I dont want any more hospitalisations for a long time to come

That is what I said to our therapist on Monday. I’m absolutely sick to death of ending up hospitalised. Since last October we’ve had at least 8 hospitalisations. Its a nightmare. Its maddening. And I hate it. I think this upcoming meeting on Friday will help. A plan will be formulated to help us manage crisis in a better way than just going in patient. In patient admission for us is not always the best option. There is actually little to no benefit for us going in patient. I only realised that sitting in our therapists office on Monday evening when she asked me what the benefit of hospitalisation was for us. The only benefit I could come up with was it gives us time to regroup as a system. It doesnt do much else for us though. For one thing the staff in there are mostly unkind or ignorant and treat us like we’re a problem or burden. They have little compassion and they do not know how to treat someone who has did. Its also a very scary atmosphere and I just simply dont like it in there. So no more hospitalisations for me and for us for the foreseeable future I say. I’m done with the hospital. I lasted a couple of years without going in there. I can do it again. and I will.
Carol anne