I’m having aNew tv package installed this morning

I am very excited. I am getting sky tv. Its a Tv service that is over here in ireland and the UK, and its also around europe I believe
A guy is coming to my home this morning to install it for me in my bedroom. He rang me yesterday evening, and he said he’d be arriving at 7:30 this morning, I was like wow! He doesnt wait until a decent hour to come!
I went to bed super early last night, so that I could wake up early enough to shower and get dressed and wait for him to get here.
I think I was in bed by 8 PM! I slept until around 1 AM but I’d also napped in the afternoon so in total I think I got around 8 hours of decent sleep.
What I am excited about is the box I am getting is called a sky Q box. I will be able to use the internet to stream on demand content from sky, and I can record shows on it. And I have an app on my phone which makes it accessible to me so that I will be able to record on my own.
And there is a ton of channels with this package, ones I love like discovery ID, the crime and investigation network, sky crime, commedy central, sky witness which plays SVU and criminal minds, home and health which I love, CBS reality which is a channel playing reality tv shows, all sorts, the food network, etc.
I asked the guy on the phone if he would be able to set it up for me so that I can get audio description on any shows that sky offers which are described, and he said he could do that for me. Its pretty easy to set that up all he has to do is go into the system settings and turn it on in there.
I am really looking forward to having this new tv package. Now I’ll have this one in my main bedroom, and in my spare bedroom I have my apple tv which has netflix and amazon prime on it so I am good to go!