Self care

Since we were feeling bad all day, I decided to do some self care activities tonight. I am sitting here nice and cosy in my pj’s watching the toy show. The show is great. All the most popular toys are shown and also children from all over ireland get to perform on the show, singing, dancing, playing instraments etc. Its wonderful. Our littles are loving it. I also went online to see if I could find a good black Friday deal, and I found the tassimo drinks machine, which I’ve always wanted, it makes coffee, hot chocolate etc and it was on sale for 50 euro, with 100 euro off so I bought it. I cant wait to try it out. Has anyone got one of these? Or another type of coffee maker? I know I’ll be in heaven with this machine. I also treated the kids to take out food tonight, so everyone is really happy right now, which is great, long may it last.