Slimming world

so i did it. i joined slimming world. its kinda like weight watchers. i joined for 3 months. mainnly to get the recipes, which arent available if you arent a member. but there are also other features that i can use, like a food diary, and other weight loss tools. i’ve already downloaded some of the recipes and am going to try them over the coming days. i downloaded the recipes for cottage pie, beef lasagne, chicken tikka massala, spaghetti bolognese, and chilli con carne. yes i love spicy foods. slimming world is different to weight watchers in that certain foods like fruit, vegetables and potatos rice and pasta and eggs are all classed as are free foods, while others are classed as sins. you can have up to 15 sins a day. there are also healthy A and healthy B which are dairy products, mostly. i’m determined to do this. now i’m off to find a nice chicken curry to cook too lol. I’m highly motivated!

What I am grateful for today…thankful Tuesday

My warm cosy house
My beautiful guide dog Nitro
My mentor c
Good friends
Activities I can go to every day
The support of my psychiatrist and therapist
My family
Music, reading, and other distraction techniques
That I have enough to eat
My health
My life

Health check

yesterday I went to my gp. I had to get my bloods done. I have a diabetic review coming up in two weeks so I had to get bloods done to check my sugar levels, my liver, kidneys, iron levels, and some other stuff. For once the nurse didnt have any trouble finding a vein. Usually my veins are very bad and its hard to get blood from me. She wanted me to do a urine sample but I wasnt able to go because I’d been fasting and hadnt drank anything so she gave me a bottle and said that I could do it at home and drop it in to the surgery before I next come in. She weighed me. I am 104 KG which is about 224 pounds. Thats the heaviest I’ve ever been. So I made a decision. I decided to go on a diet. I had been on one last year but due to some things came off of it. So now I am back on it again. Just cutting out junk food, exercising, being more healthy in general. Its hard but I am determined to shift the weight once and for all. Its not good for my body and I feel unhappy with the size I am. If I could lose about 30 to 40 pounds by May I’d be thrilled. I’ve to go back to my GP in two weeks for the diabetic review, I also contacted Karen O my nutritionist to make an appointment with her hopefully for this week. I’m waiting for her to get back to me on that.