Random saturday blog

hi everyone
i’m having a nice relaxed saturday. i was up early, nitro woke me up at 7:15, so I got up and fed him and checked email. Then I was like, I’m going back to bed because its Saturday, my friend pat was still in bed too. So me and Nitro went back to bed and cuddled up and slept for another hour. i slept well in pats house, I didnt think I would so it was nice that I did. I had a king sized bed all to myself, except it wasnt all to myself, because Nitro jumped up and sprawled out and took over half of it lol.
We got up eventually around 10:30 AM and ate breakfast. Now pats cleaning the house, and I’m in my room just messing around online.
Mood wise things are great. I’m really content and happy. I havent had much time to think about things, so the negative thoughts and ptsd stuff hasnt been flaring up as much wich I’m super glad about.
No plans for today, its just gonna be a relaxed saturday watching tv, hanging out with pat chatting, and being online.

got here safely. Crazy afternoon

so i got to dublin safely. we arrived 10 mins early which was nice. one minute i was reading my book, the next we had landed in the train station and people were getting off the train.
A nice man assisted me to a taxi, and I got to my friends house ok, the taxi driver was very nice, we hit a bit of traffic on the way but the cool thing was when we reached my friends house and I asked him how much i owed him he said the fare was 28 euro but he’d only take 24 euro from me.
The dogs went crazy when they saw each other. My friend Pat has two dogs, Yates, who is 11 and his retired guide dog, and sweeney whose 5 and his current dog. Sweeney is very hyper and playful and Nitro not being used to having play mates went a little bit crazy lol.
They played for a while and I sat drinking a nice cup of tea and chatting to pat.
Pat has to go out soon to do his grocery shopping and I am going to stay here and babysit the dogs. Should be fun lol.

On the train to Dublin

I’m on the train on my way to Dublin. The train hasn’t left the station yet. I got a taxi to the train station. The guy giving me assistance was really nice and put me straight on the train. I’m excited to go to Dublin. I’m going to have a great weekend. Mood wise I am happy. content. And relaxed. Nitro is being really good, sitting down quietly. Everyone passing thinks he’s so cute. Its nice to be getting away for the weekend. I’m going to enjoy the break.

Pretty good day

so i’ve had a pretty good day. kristen came this morning, and as i anticipated she was early. we left around 9 to go see karen my nutritionist. i was anxious going to see her. i had a pretty good feeling that i wasnt going to have lost any weight. and i was right. she weighed me and i have gained 2 pounds. i was angry and disappointed. i was like, noooo! she thinks that in order to lose weight, that I have to exercise, and that is just how it is for me. some people can just restrict food intake and lose, others have to work harder, and I am in that group of people that have to use food restriction and exercise in combination to lose the weight. I noticed thoughts of I dont want to continue, maybe I just wont eat today, maybe I should starve myself, etc. I quickly said to myself, you dont have to starve yourself. This is a part stepping in to protect. I talked to you. What are you feeling, what is going on for you? Its ok to feel sad and angry. You deserve to nourish your body. There is no need to starve, or not eat. That wont solve anything. And upon doing this I noticed a calmness come over us. Parts were relaxing and beginning to listen. They heard me and they were responding. I came home and ate breakfast. Then we got stuck into housework. Kristen flew around doing all the things I had asked her to do, mopping floors, tidying the dishes, making the bed, vacuming, etc. She got everything done in an hour. We had one hour left but I told her she could go early. She thanked me and she said she would use the extra time to go to the local shopping centre and look for a top for her daughter. She dropped me to my parents house. I chatted with my dad for a while. Then I relaxed watching some tv and fell asleep for about an hour. Mom and my sister got back from grocery shopping and we all sat down to dinner. Mom said her back was giving her trouble and I gave her my heat wrap to help her feel better. I went for another nap after dinner. This time it was a 2 hour nap. Just chillaxing now, catching up on blogs, and email.