Friday the 13th was kinda disasterous but hey I got through it

So yesterday turned out to be kinda a disaster. I know it was Friday the 13th, so I wasnt surprised. I know lots of people dont believe in all that, but I kind of do.
Anyway, two things were happening yesterday. I had an exam in the afternoon, to finish up my module. An exam in word processing. So I came in at 12:45 to do the exam. The rest of my class had theirs in the morning. So I was on my own in the class with the instructors and the person who was reading the exam to me.
So during the exam the computer became unresponsive. Jaws wouldnt read things, and it kept freezing, and word kept going all weird on me. I ended up having to restart the machine a couple of times. Luckily I’d saved as I was going so didnt lose anything. But I kept having to ask for help from my instructor. But I managed to get through the exam fully and I think I did ok on it. I’m hopeful I did ok and I was happy with what came up in the exam.
Then when I finished my exam I had to go to the nurse in my gp’s surgery. I was getting results of my blood tests. I’d had bloods done for a diabetic review. I was having my follow up for the results and also finishing up the review. So I got there and went in. It turns out half of my blood results werent there! The nurse rang biochemistry, but they hadnt taken the bloods. So I never got my cholesterol results, or my liver and kidney function. So now I have to come back again to have the bloods redone in January. The rest of my review went fine. I managed to get my sugars down by 20 points, from 66 to 46. So thats awesome.
Other than that, I had a good day. I was meant to go to dublin today saturday, but I canceled. I just wasnt up for going. The weather is bad and I didnt feel like going out in pouring rain to catch a train and then traveling all day so I didnt go.