Dr Barry and the going back on meds conversation

So yesterday I saw dr. Barry. And we decided that I would go back on medication for my anxiety relating to the ptsd. The conversation went something like this.
Dr. Barry: Have you thought any more about trying lyrica?
Me: Um, yeah, sorta.
Dr. Barry: So do you want to?
Me: Part of me does, and part of me screams no. I see it as a failure, as having to resort to this because I cant find another alternative. I dont like it.
Dr Barry: But Carol anne, its temporary. I see it as just a temporary option.
Me: Oh, really? So if it gets better I can come off the lyrica again?
Dr. Barry: Of course you can. In the new year if you are feeling better I’ll take you off of it again. We will constantly be reviewing it. I’m not going to keep you on it forever.
Me: Thank god! Does it make you drowsy?
Dr. Barry: Some people have a hang over effect in the mornnings, others dont.
Me: I hope I am not one of the unlucky ones I dont want that!
Dr. Barry: Well I’ll start you at 50 MG three times a day. We can see how you do on that dose.
Me: Reluctantly, ok, I will try it. I suppose taking meds for the anxiety is not the end of the world.
Dr Barry: No Carol anne, its not. And, its admirable that you’ve spent almost the entire last year on hardly any meds at all. This is just temporary, remember that.

I am hanging on to her words “this is temporary” as I start with the lyrica. And I am so happy dr. Barry doesnt shove meds at you and say take them and thats that.
Carol anne