I dont like Mondays

Even though I have a later start. I still hate Mondays. I dont start college until 10:30 so I should like them. But no. I ended up not doing much yesterday. Which sorta annoyed me because I feel I should be taking all the opportunites I have to enjoy my weekends. But remember I said on Saturday night I was feeling triggered and it was a weird night and I didnt sleep? Well I made up for that yesterday afternoon. I slept most of the afternoon. But well I suppose I needed the rest. I had dinner at my parents then headed home to my own house and just slept. Mom was going to my aunts last night for drinks, and I was meant to be going but I decided I wouldnt bother. I didnt go last weekend either. I’m trying to get back to healthy eating again and so I didnt want to drink alcohol. I had a pretty unhealthy breakfast this morning though. Two sausage rolls which have puffed pastry on the outside of them. And a bottle of orange soda. So yeah, not very healthy. I havent seen my nutritionist in a few weeks and I really got off track in that time. I go back to her this Friday so I am trying to get back on track a little before then. I was worried about my exam that I did on Friday. I am hoping I did well on it but part of me thinks I might have made some mistakes and lost a lot of marks. I hope thats not the case though. i wont get the results for about two weeks. I’ll get the results of the exam and of my assignment at the same time. I am hoping I get a distinction on the module. Everyone was pretty quiet the last few days. The alters insiders I mean. I think everyone was feeling the effects of the tiredness and just wanted to chill out. The triggers around last week and the police report that Dr Barry did up seem to be less. I’m glad about that. It certainly makes life a lot easier to cope with.