Sleep or the lack of it

I’ve realised something tonight. I cant sleep unless I am absolutely exhausted. If I am upset, or triggered, then I dont sleep either. I really think I have that non 24 sleep disorder. I’ve heard of other blind people who have it. Well I think I probably have it too. I called my therapist earlier. I was emotional and unstable and feeling very unsafe. She teaches on Monday evenings so she didnt respond right away to my text. I knew she wouldnt and I was ok with that. I knew when she was able to respond she would. And she did. On her way home from her lecture she called. And we talked and it was so reassuring to hear her sootheing voice. It immediately calmed me. We talked for about 15 minutes. She told others inside not to flood me and to try to hold on until Thursday and she’d talk to them then. That reassurance seemed to reach everyone inside. Since the call we are all feeling much more secure and stability has returned. Now if only sleep would come? Its 3 AM. I have to be out the door to go to college at 7:45 AM this morning. I really doubt I’ll sleep tonight. So probably will just go make some tea and read up on blogs for a while.