Mock exam and going to Dublin this weekend

I am studying IT in college. Yesterday I had a mock exam, a practice run for the real thing which is next Wednesday. My exam was in word processing. We had to type in a document, and then format it. It was pretty easy but I did have issues with headers and footers, my screen reading software which allows me to read the screen wasnt telling me any info when I went into the headers or footers to add them. So basically I didnt know if I’d done it correctly or not. I found a way around it though. When I’d finished the exam and was waiting for my taxi to go home, the instructor came out and said to me your looking at a distinction, even without the headers and footers. I couldnt believe it. That means she must have corrected the exam or looked over it and she thought I’d done really well on it. Its great to get positive feedback especially when you are worried that the issues you’ve been having will impact your performance. So that gave me lots of confidence and was a pretty good start to my weekend.
I am going to Dublin this weekend. Just for the day. Actually I am going this morning. I am on the bord of directors for shine, which is an organisation that works with people with mental illness. I have to go to Dublin for a couple of hours of training. I usually go once every two months, but this training is extra. I really did not want to be going this weekend because I wanted to chill and just lay in bed on Saturday morning, I was tired after my busy week. But its ok, I’ll go and maybe I’ll learn something. The hard part is the traveling. Going up and back in one day is hard because its 3 hours each way. I’ll probably read on the train, or use my laptop since there is free wifi.