Book review-A shattered mind by Dawna Cole

last night i finished the book called a shattered mind. this book is about a woman who has did and suffered horrendous childhood abuse at the hands of her father and brothers and her fathers friends. i read the audio book and it was an abridged version. i found it to be a good book despite the fact there was a lot of references to religion in it and I am not very religious myself. she had really good tips for living and coping with did though at the end of the book. the book was in chapters with each chapter telling about a part of her life. so for instance one chapter told about her family, one about her falling in love etc. she was abused from age 3 to age 16. at 16 she became pregnant by her father and was sent to a home for unwed mothers. she had her baby and had to give him up for adoption when he was six months old. after that she finished high school and went to college. in high school she took a class to be a nurses aid. she went on to study nursing later and was a nurse throughout her adult life. at college she met her husband robert, they married and had two girls Lori and Christy. she managed to raise her kids successfully despite having did. when the girls were young her did hadnt been diagnosed. she worked different jobs when the girls were young, all of them nursing related jobs. it later emerged when she was diagnosed with did that her alter George was her work personality and held down her jobs for her. her marriage went through some rocky patches when the girls were young but they stayed together. eventually she was diagnosed with did and started intensive therapy. she also had brain surgery in the early 80’s and took a while to recover from that. the first therapist she saw for intensive therapy helped her but said she might have experienced sra, but she isnt sure if she did, she thinks that therapist may have suggested some of her memories during therapy. she managed to get free of her and find someone else later on in her life who did EMDR and life span integration therapy. it was only then that her life improved significantly and that she was able to discover all of her different alters, both fully formed and fragments. she has over 100 alters. the book also details a suicide attempt that she had which was very serious, she took two bottles of pills and almost died. if it hadnt been for her daughter Lori calling 911 she probably would have died. she was angry with lori at the time but actually it wasnt her who was angry, an alter who just didnt want to be alive any more. i liked the book and found it to be very interesting. she has good advice for newly diagnosed people and i found her story to be inspirational and encouraging and uplifting. despite all she’s been through she’s come out on the other side and seems strong and loves life. her message to other people with did is that you are not alone and you can triumph over adversity. i recommend the book if you have did and are a survivor or if you are a loved one of someone with did or a clinician treating someone with did.