Finally got to see dr. Barry! So good to get to catch up finally!

I finally saw dr. barry today. Oh boy it was so good to see her! I’ve never been happier to see her, I was smiling so much when she came to get me.
We had a long catch up. She asked me all about my recent illness, she knew I had been hospitalised, but she thought it was to the hospital on the other side of the city, but i was actually in the same hospital that she works in. She asked me how I coped, I said I wasnt sure how I’d managed, but it felt like every bit of support I had was gone, I had really struggled and felt very alone and on my own over the easter break.
I told her at one point I’d felt like phoning and trying to get to see someone in the psychiatric department, but then when I realised that I’d probably have to see a doctor I didnt know and try to explain everything to them, that had put me off phoning. She said I could have seen the liason psychiatrist, and that the liason consulting psychiatrist had come to the recent case conference that all the doctors had about us, so probably they’d have known about my case or if not put two and two together and guessed that it was me.
We talked about therapy and the recent work that Emily had been doing, dr. Barry asked me if it was hard to start back into the intensive therapy work after the break, I told her no not really. We just got stuck back in and Eileen had made it very easy for us.
We talked about starting back to college. She couldnt believe it when I told her I started back 3 days after coming out of the hospital. She asked me how it was going, I said it was going well but I am having a hard time trying to change my thought processes around things like exam stress and seeing things as a challenge instead of as a stress. My brain is just wired to go down the route of seeing things as stressers, its hard to change the patterns.
Overall it was a good appointment. She’s getting over a cough and cold, I told her I hoped she would get well soon, she said she was finding it hard to shake her cough.
At least now we’re back to regular weekly appointments again, thank goodness.