random Randomness

Its almost 4 AM. I couldnt sleep. Its so windey outside. The wind is really howling and is keeping me up. So I decided I’d get up and make some coffee and check my email.
I ended up texting Eileen yesterday. I just told her how things were, how I was feeling. She texted me back at about 8:30 last night. That felt good. It felt good that she acknowledged my distress.
I was gonna take the day off college today but I decided against it. I am having enough trouble as it is, if I take a day off I might regret it. So I will go in even though I’m feeling pretty stressed.
I also see Dr Barry later this afternoon. I’m looking forward to that appointment. My mom and sister are also coming over to my house this afternoon. My sister wants to use my computer to finish her nutrition project. Mom usually comes over on Wednesday afternoons to help me clean and cook.