Dr. Barry and abdominal ultrasound appointment

yesterday i had two appointments. in the morning i saw dr. barry. that went well. we talked about how we’d been feeling lately. about the depression and suicidal thoughts. my mom pointed out yesteray morning that the fact that my mood was off might be because i was late getting my injection. i hadnt even thought of that. normally i get it every 3 weeks. but this time i was a week late getting it. i take xeplion, an antipsychotic. i mentioned it to dr. barry and she said it could be a factor in why my mood had dipped. we talked about my mom and dad both having illnesses and how worried I am over both of them being sick. she said it was a lot to deal with for me. we talked about meds and how i had not been taking my regular meds properly and had just recently started taking the correct dose and how it was effecting me. i told her i’d had symptoms of rls and she said it could be the stopping and starting the prozac at a high dose that might be causing that. she told me to go down on the prozac and build it up slowly, which is what i had started doing because taking it at a higher dose was making me feel off. she’s bringing me back on Monday because of the fact that we are having a hard time of it right now. she was happy that I am using my mom as a support, because i wouldnt normally do that. and my mom had surprised me by being very supportive and giving me some good advice. she’s actually being a mom and doing all the right things and it feels nice to have my mom actually act like a mom and be gentle and caring and supportive and taking care of me. i need that very much right now.
yesterday i also had my abdominal ultrasound. my mom went with me and the girl who did the scan allowed her to be in the room with me while she performed the scan. i was so glad wshe allowed her in the room. the girl who did the scan was very nice. i was very nervous. she scanned my upper abdomin and my lower abdomin. she really gave my stomach and surrounding areas a good going over. she even got me to roll onto both sides so she could scan that area as well. the results should be back in 3 or 4 days. i thought they might be back this morning and i rang my gp’s office. but they werent in. i’m nervous in case they find something but i am also glad to have it done and over with. it was a relatively painless experience though. granted i did take an anti-anxiety med beforehand to get me through.
i’m going to mom and dads today. i decided to go today because i am still not feeling great. i’ll probably stay until sunday. i went to my nutritionist this morning. i was down a pound and i was thrilled. i’d been doing good with my eating habits but not so good with the exercise. so the fact that I was down a pound is really good. my pa is here right now she is cleaning my house. she took me to my nutritionist his morning. she also took me to get dog food for nitro. i also got some fruit and water and some herbal tea. i’m going to cut down on regular cafinated tea and try to drink herbal teas in stead. we’ll see how that goes.