I am in the hospital

I am now in the psych hospital. I was admitted this morning after I saw dr. Barry. She called while I was with her to see if a bed was available and it was. I went in at lunch time. I dont know how long I will be here.
So far things are going well for us. Its been an anxious sorta day but also a quiet day on the ward.
I got all the paperwork for the admission completed. There were two student nurses helping me and they were great. One of them remembered me from my last hospitalisation.
One of the student nurses guided me to the dining room to eat and she even helped me cut my food and butter bread and pour tea. She was amazing.
As I said I feel anxious and unsettled. I’ve talked to Eileen and she told me to text her if I need too which I am happy about.
I saw the doctor on call and had a physical examination and a psych evaluation. He was a junior doctor and he’s not part of doctor Barrys team so his questions were a little bit annoying. He said he’d only been working in the hospital for the past 3 months. He’d never treated someone with did, only read about it in text books.
I’m happy though with how things are going. It looks like we’re in safe hands. And of course I have my phone and computer yay. 🙂