#Weekend coffee share

I am participating in Allie’s weekend coffee share, check out her post here!


If we were having coffee I’d tell you that I am totally exhausted after the party yesterday. And I would tell you I didn’t sleep well at all last night! It was 5 AM by the time I got to sleep even though we got home at midnight. I just couldn’t go to sleep, I couldn’t fall asleep. So I sat up and stayed online for ages, then when I finally did go to bed I was on my phone for a while longer. Eventually I dropped off though and stayed in bed until 9 AM!
I would tell you that I have to go grocery shopping tomorrow before I go home to my own house! Mom is going to take me after therapy. I have therapy in the morning first thing. Then when I get back to moms we’ll go to the store to get my groceries! Then my sis will drop me home!
I would tell you my dad is outside this morning fixing the roof. The roof was leaking! He’s been up on the roof all morning fixing it, that was until it started raining and he had to come indoors. He got most of the work done though. Personally I don’t think its a good thing that he tried to fix it! It wont hold! They need a new chimney but they’re debating whether to get the work done on it or not as it costs a small fortune! So they’ve been doing DIY and fixing the leak on their own without any expert help!
I would tell you that I have an assignment for college which is due next week! Its the last one and I have had weeks to do it but I didn’t get around to it. So I will have to do it this week. I am not thrilled that I have it still to do, but I will get to it probably during the week. I was going to leave it until the weekend, but on reflection I think I’ll do it during the week one evening when I have a free hour or two! Its a learning journal so my own thoughts and reflections on what I’ve learned from doing the course, so that part is good at least. I should be able to crank that out in an hour or two! I will sure be glad when its over and handed in!
I would also tell you that I am back to work this week. I took a bit of a break last week, my depression was bad making me not be able to go volunteering, I couldn’t function well at all. So I took a few days off. This week though I am hoping to get back to it again. I think I am ok to go in now! I am less depressed thanks to my new med Prozac! It seems to be working out and I seem to feel a little better which is nice. I am always glad when I feel better!
Volunteering makes me happy! I really enjoy it. I enjoy helping others!
So that’s my catch up for the weekend! I hope your all having a fantastic weekend!