Hiya guys

hey guys
how is everyone today?
I’m ok. I have been a lazy bitch all day. lol. I went to bed around 3 AM. and I slept until around 8, then my mom woke me, but I never got up. I stayed in bed until 1 PM.
then I got up and ate dinner. I decided there was nothing going on so i’d go back to bed and read. and that is what I did. except I fell back to sleep when I was reading. so I have to restart the book from the beginning. its my third time to start the book over.
I woke up and it was 4:30. the rain woke me. well it was hailstone. it was bouncing off the windows. it was sooo loud!
I thought the rain was coming in! that’s how loud it was!
I got up and made coffee. and a toasted sandwich. mom had gone to the store with my sister to get fruit for me. since I started dieting I go through a fortune of fruit. I must go through about 30 euro worth of fruit a week.
now I’ve eaten and am just going to chill out. I have nothing else to do today. so I will just go online and might read again later if I feel like it.
I have therapy tomorrow morning. i’m looking forward to it. i’m staying in my parents until Wednesday. nitro is on meds until Wednesday, I have to take him back for a check up on Wednesday afternoon, the vet will check the area where his abscess was and she is also going to give him his vaccinations if he seems like he’s ok.
he seems like he’s ok though. he’s taking his meds with no issues. the meds are huge. pink ones and I dunno what the other ones are like, but the antibiotics are pink and huge.
so that’s my update guys. hope you’re all having a great sunday.
carol nane