Hard conversation

mom sat me down earlier and told me that my sister now has access to her bank account. she pays her life insurance policies in the bank. she said she gave laura access so that things would be easy if anything were to happen to her. easy for us both. I feel like she did all this and left me out. she said its because I have a disability and cant do all the running around like my sister can. I told mom I wanted laura to keep me in the loop. mom said she will but why do I feel like she wont? its tough enough to have this conversation as is. because it really brings into reality the fact my mom is thinking about what if something is to happen to her. hoping it wont but we just don’t know, it might. and laura now has access to all the death policies, and documents, important documents at that. and I don’t. it doesn’t sit well with me at all. mom said she told me so that there would be no feelings of resentment. so why do I feel resentful? and like my disability was an issue and why should it be? at least she didn’t use my psych issues as a reason, thankfully. I just feel they did all this without me and I was only told after it was all said and done. and I feel like that’s wrong.