Goals for the day!

My goals for today well I have a few!

First off, my PA will be here at 9 AM! My goal is to get my house cleaned. She’ll be here until 11:30. Hopefully in that time we can get the whole house spick and span!

I have a goal to go volunteering. I hadn’t been last Friday, or Tuesday so my goal is to actually go today. I need to get back to it.

Another goal is to take meds. I am doing well with taking them lately. I am remembering every day to take them and I’ve actually remembered now for an entire week, I haven’t missed any doses. I am very proud of myself for that.

I’m going to contine to read my new book, I’m reading the book pimped by Samantha owens. So far I like it. Its really good. Its a true story and has some grapic bits in it but I am able to read it anyway.

Those are my main goals today. Happy Friday!