A huge shock

I’ve just gotten some really heartbreaking news. And I am in shock from it.

My friend has died. A very good friend that I knew for years. I only knew her online, we’d never met. But she was a great friend. A beautiful person.

Warm, kind, caring…compassionate, smart, intelligent.

She was only 33. Far too young to die.

She was blind like us. And she had did. And ptsd. And she also had foetal alcohol syndrome.

She’d been homeless since last October, in and out of the psych ward, and on the streets, and in and out of homeless shelters.

The last I heard from her was on February 20th, she was sick with the flu then. And staying in a motel.

Well, I just received news this morning from a friend of hers, she was found in her motel room on feb 28th, dead. I am heartbroken.

You really never know do you?
You never know what could happen on any given day. I certainly did not expect this to happen to her.
Its tragic.
Could use some support if any of you are around…