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But I Smile Anyway...

Well hello Peeps! I sit here, officially a year older now and thanks to all of you who have already shown so much love by tweeting and reposting the post yesterday!

Just in case you missed it, it’s my birthday today!!!

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Ritu Bhathal

Please feel free to share this post far and wide, I’d love to get this book a little more…

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bad night last night

things are bad here right now. we’ve been having awful hallucinations. it feels like bugs are crawling on us. also been hearing voices, not the insiders voices, these are male voices, telling us to harm ourselves. i feel like shit. i am at my parents house, i went there last night. i know i said i wouldnt go, but mom persuaded me to go. to be honest i’m glad i did go. they dont get it but just being with other people is helping. the weekend team will be calling me in a little while. they might offer to put me in the hospital but i am going to ask if i can wait and see dr. barry tomorrow. she knows me and knows my history and symptoms better than anyone. she will know if i need to go to the hospital. but thats looking likely i think. the hallucinations are so vivid, the flashbacks are awful. i am feeling so overwehlmed and very triggered. i think hospital would be the best place for us right now. it would keep us safe. right now we just feel so suicidal and like hurting ourselves.

memory in a poem, shouting

loud, its to loud
it resonates in my ears
I thought i was over it
after all these years
shouting still triggers
a spark in my mind
it hurts all over my head
all i can hear is the sound
i cant hear the words said
it scares me greatly
i am frozen with fear
i cant get up to leave
im like a frozen dear
My mind whirls
how much more
but i have to learn to cope
or to run out the door
i contemplate the options
do i leave or stay
in the end what i do
is sit there and pray
i say let it be over
i say let them stop
if they dont then i pray
someone break them up like a cop


wounds that refuse to heal
are under the skin
not at the surface
they are raw and sore
and its painful to move
these are the wounds
that bring out tears
wounds from back
so many years
from childhood lost
and never again found
though you cry out
you get no answer
these are the wounds
that refuse to heal