4 AM

is anyone up? and around? i am feeling lonely. and alone. and i am starting to spiral downwards. thoughts of death and dhying are in my head. i cant seem to shake them. dark and iminent thoughts. night time seems to make the thoughts worse. maybe because everyone is asleep and i am not. maybe because my mind starts to wander and go to places i’d rather it didnt. right now is when i really need my therapist. i should send an email. but she probably wont see it. she’s probably busy packing for her vacation. while i feel alone and abandoned and lonely and i wish she wasnt going. just feel needy and vulnerable right now. would appreciate any support from my blogging buddies.

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Carol anne performs cover of a song, little mix black magic

This is the song I will be singing for the upcoming gig in 3 weeks time. I just decided on the song tonight and have just learned the words. Its unpracticed and obviously I need to do a lot of work over the next 3 weeks to polish it up but here it is.

Mental illness awareness month my experience of being diagnosed

I made this video using my laptop webcam. Not sure how it came out but I’ll post it, let me know if you can see and hear me.