Stressed out having to deal with the customer service department for my phone company

so well, i’m stressed out. why? because, I had to deal with the customer service dept of my phone company. except, it wasnt my complaint. I was phoning on behalf of my mom. You see, I topped her phone up yesterday via my bank account. I topped it up by 20 euro. She’s meant to get an offer for 20 euro a month, so she needs to top up by that amount each month. Not a problem, except when it is. Eir, who are her phone provider, are having technical difficulties, and there are issues with the bank, so the bank took the money from my account, but eir are claiming they havent recieved it, and the bank are claiming that the issue is with eir. So really, we dont know who the fault lies with, just that there is an issue and my mom has no access to her phone. I rang both eir and my bank, but got no satisfaction with either one. Never mind that when I rang the phone company I was on hold for 30 minutes. 30 damn minutes of music playing and me almost going crazy waiting. We’re still none the wiser now and mom is down 20 euro as she had to repay me as the 20 was taken out of my bank account. Then she went to the store and got more credit because the customer services person told her that if she topped up via a voucher it would work. I’ve told her its probably best not to top up via the bank again, as this is our second time having issues with it. Needless to say I am totally stressed out, as if I hadnt enough on my plate already. I certainly didnt need this today.