Couple pictures taken on halloween night

Here are a few pics we took on halloween. There is one of my niece and nephew all dressed up. One of Nitro and me. And one of us letting a lattern into the sky. Enjoy them.

Like a broken record?

You are bad.
You are worthless
You are weak
You are no good
You are incapable
You are pathetic
You are a burden to those in your life
You are a failure
You are dumb
You are nothing
you need to die

Says that little voice, negative voice inside me. When will it end? I hate being triggered and I hate the night time too. I feel so alone and I wish I had some company.

Exam results are in!

I got the results of my exam that I did two weeks ago this morning. I am thrilled with them. I got 26.5 out of a total of 30 percent. The marks that I did lose I lost because of silly little mistakes that I made, in other words, I shouldnt have lost them at all if I was more careful. However I am happy with what I got. It was a real confidence boost considering there had been a lot of technical issues before the exam. Now the next thing due is my assignment, which is worth 20 percent of my overall grade. Then the final exam in the module is next Friday. The final exam is worth 50 percent.
Feeling so happy…so, happy Monday? lol.

Back to normality

My midterm is over. Its back to reality. I’m so thrilled. I loved having the time off, but having the routine of going to school every morning is great too. It is familiar and familiar is good. I will be busy this week as I have an assignment due next Monday and I also have an exam next Friday as well. So a busy couple of weeks ahead. The next exam will be tougher than the first one. Its a word exam but it involves things like mail merge, tables, inserting graphics, etc. Some of which wont be accessible with jaws I’m sure. But I will try my best and thats all I can do. I’m just glad that the triggering weekend has passed and I got through it ok. I stayed with mom and dad for two nights so I’d be safe. I emailed my therapist last night to let her know I was ok and safe.