I am now 3 years qualified with my guide dog Nitro, and today he turns five

3 years ago, my beautiful guide dog Nitro came into my life. I had previously had two other dogs, and had waited for 3 years before I finally was matched with him. I can honestly say he’s been the best thing that ever happened to me. Since he bounced into my life 3 years ago, things have changed so much. He is a beautiful, gentle soul, so sensitive, loyal and loving. He is my world. He has made a huge difference in my life in every way.

Today he turns five. Happy birthday Nitro. Later, I have a nice bone for you to chew on. I was gonna get him a badge and a cake, but then I ended up not doing that. But I will take lots of pictures and post them to facebook. If anyone of my readers wants on my facebook page let me know and I can add you. I post a ton of pics of the dog on there for friends and family.

I hope me and Nitro have many more brilliant years together. He amazes me every day and I feel so blessed that I am his owner. Thanks Nitro for everything and for allowing me to give you as much love as you give me every day. Your just awesome.