Carol Anne’s Poetry Challenge for Bee: “Holiday Cheer”

So, this young lady is a naughty one. I can hear her chuckle over my anual Grinchiness (yes, dear Grammarly, I made this word up!!!)

“Holiday Cheer?!” Really!?! What on earth is cheerful about holidays????

Well, of course besides seeing everybody, presents and great food? Did I forget time off work for some lucky one’s…

Ok, ok I admit I was listening to Pentatonix’s Christmas songs all evening yesterday. There, I am out of the closet ;-).

Let’s see how cheerful I can be

My brain is cheerfully stormy 😁

Rudolf. Elves. Pudding.

Dancing. Singing.

Green. White. Christmas.

Ye Faithful. Baubles.

Light. Baking. Cooking.

Sweet. Red.


Rudolf dances ye green faithful.

Light a sweet.

Elves are singing white baubles.

Baking red.

Pudding cooks Christmas.

And not a rhyme in sight 😁

…I better get myself out of here…