Bee’s Poem of the Day: Hot Beverages

Hello out there, are you looking forward to the weekend? Do you work at the weekend? Or is your weekend totally different anyway? No matter what I hope you can sit down at one point and enjoy a hot beverage of your choice and relax a little. To me there is nothing better than a nice cup of tea 😉 to sort our the world when a friend comes around or when I feel bad.

That is why I chose this week to write about hot beverages but I somehow ran out of them. Of course, there are different types of coffee and tea or even cocoa. But that would really be cheating, wouldn’t it? So let’s sit down on the setee, smile at each other and drink the hot beverage or our choice, to celebrate Friday, poetry and life, the universe and everything. (I know I babble but you can’t help that sometimes 😉 )


hey, babble away

these hot drinks are so lovely

snowfall cheers children


Oh, dear my poetry is not getting better, is it????

Happy Friday anyway!!!!



Bee’s Poem of the Day: Grog?

Hello out there, how are you? I hope you are well and if not feel embraced but much love. You might have guessed my topic for this week. Hot drinks of all sort and some tv shows too but I think with today’s choice I am running out of TV shows.

Stop! No! I actually got this idea from one I already mentioned last week ;-). It’s “Tony Robinson’s History of Britain”. It’s a series where Tony Robinson brings us close to history through the lives of everyday people. The last episode was about the Georgians and sailors who were paid in Rum at one point. Water was scarce on 18th centuries ships and to keep their sailors going the navy decided to give them rum, a little water, lemons and sugar which developed into different recipes for grog.

I’ve never had a grog but I know that it used to be a popular drink for New Year’s Eve in Germany in the ’70s and supposedly works wonders when you have a cold. Like the good old Whiskey Toddy. Now I am not encouraging you to drink alcohol in any form. It’s dangerous dears but maybe you have fallen into its trap already so I’m just giving you an idea to try something new 🙂


Lemon and sugar

water and rum together

welcome the new year


I am so sorry but this is an awful poem (and I haven’t even had any alcohol LOL)

Happy Thursday anyway 😉

Bee’s Poem of the Day: Hot Chocolate

Hello, welcome you sexy thing… ooooopppppsssss ….

Uhm, don’t worry, no bad singing and/or innuendos from me dear readers. I just had that idea to have a week of hot beverage and tv series poems but all that came to mind for hot cocoa was the successful 70’s band :-) and “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”. However, I can’t remember any hot chocolate in the film.

I grew up in the South of Germany and in Winter when snow fell we went to a near-by hill sledging. A whole bunch of kids and some adults I assume walked along the saw mill and through some fields up to where you could see over all of our village.

It was glorious and as to be expected rather cold. So when I came home my grandmother made me a hot chocolate to warm up and if I was hungry a buttered bretzel too.

LOL no that’s not the salty snack many of you might think of but a Swabian savoury bakery product which I miss bitterly since Lidl decided not to sell them anymore here in the UK 😦 .

Ok, I just leave it at that and stop bothering you with my memories. Hot chocolate anyone????? 🙂

Snow in winter? What?

I can hardly remember

Hot chocolate warms hands

Happy Wednesday to you all!!!!

Bee’s Poem of the Day: Nothing Says Coffee Like 6:00 In The Morning.”

Good morning hot beverage lovers! How are you having your coffee? Or tea? Or cocoa???? Come in, sit down and share a little love with each other may it be for coffee, life or “Gilmore Girls“.

If you haven’t recognised the headline you probably are not a fan of the series. As much as tea is connected with yesterdays “Father Ted”, coffee is connected with Lorelai and her daughter Rory. And while I am not a coffee addict I loved to watch “Gilmore Girls” in my younger days.

I lost my mother so early I never had the chance to find out who she was as a woman. Watching the series gave me a chance to look into what could have been between us.

No, my mother wasn’t a single parent and I was born just a couple of days before her 22nd birthday not when she was 16 but there are still similarities to her and Lorelai.

My mum did things her way too and she was a little unconventional in raising my brother and me. But thats about it really. Still, it didn’t stop me from enjoying the escapades of the “Gilmore Girls” and imagining it was me being a teenager with a mother around.

Mother and daughter

I so long to be with her

Light breeze over grave

Happy Tuesday to you all despite everything!

Bee’s Poem of the Day: A nice Cup of Tea!

Hello good people of the blogosphere, how are you doing? I hope your life rocks and if not that you have a nice cup of tea (or whatever hot beverage you prefer! 🙂 ).

“A nice cup of tea?” is a line from an Irish TV series called “Father Ted“. Three “exiled” Catholic priests live on the fictional Irish Craggy Island and are continuosly asked by their housekeeper Mrs Doyle, if they want a nice cup of tea.

It’s an acclaimed series which in the 80’s and 90’s was rather controversial as it showed the clerics in a rather bad way and on top showed scantily dressed women. Yes, Ireland in those days still knew what was good and bad 😉 .

If you are a Graham Norton fan you definitely need to watch it as a very young Graham is part of the whole fun. He plays a rather hyperactive priest who leads a youth group and is hated by the other priests.

It is one of my most favourite TV series of all times because it is absolutely hilarious. To me it shows that even Priests are human but I can fully understand that a devoted Catholic is rather offended by the series.

It is regularly shown on British TV and always cheers me up.

Not “more tea, Vicar?”

But a nice cup of tea, Ted 🙂

In sun, wind and snow

Happy Monday to you all!!!!

Bee’s Poem of the Day: Winter?

Hello out there, how are you? I hope you have a wonderful Sunday and if it sucks feel embraced. You can manage your challenges no matter what they are.

We are having a little cold spell. Well, actually it is normal temperatures for our area and the time of year.

My step mum send me a WhatsApp message the other day with an image of two beautiful roses in her garden growing there in January.

She commented: never seen roses blooming in January!

That’s one to think about, isn’t it?

Winter or summer?

Who knows anymore for sure?

Warm cold hands on mug

Happy Sunday to you all despite everything!