Risen from ruins or how many poetry prompts have I missed?

Risen from Ruins” was the title of the national anthem of the former German Democratic Republic which ceased to exist 30 years ago. Blimey, is it really that long ago. I can’t believe it. And I also can’t believe what Europe and the world has become since. But I won’t go there…

I feel a little like “risen from ruins” because somehow a month went by and I just forgot all about poetry and Carol Anne’s challenge. My head is a jungle to stay with the musical theme. Tonight the husband is off to see his son play with his band. I do dog sitting duty and take the time to write a little poetry. Here are Carol Anne’s prompts for the last four weeks:

1. scattered dreams
2. relax and breathe

3. Birdsong
4. taking a trip

scattered dreams

a better life

more fulfilling work

finding me

all but

scattered dreams


relax and breathe

deep inside of me

everlasting peace and love

relax and breathe



Each morning they chatter

little brown fellas

with white and black specks

their world

full of grains and seeds

in mine

no need for

an alarm…

Taking a trip

taking a trip

to lalaland

or maybe

to fantastica.

The white dragon

still flies

but the princess

is long gone…

Have you ever read anything by Michael Ende? He was one of my most favourite authors as a child and teenager and if you do not know his books I encourage you to read them. They are very enlightening for adults too :-).

And with this I end this strange post. And guess what: I started with a song and finish it with one too: The Neverending Story





Belated Weekly Poetry Prompt by Carol Anne for Bee

Hi peeps, how are you? I hope you enjoy your day.

I have been rather lazy on the poetry front because a lot is going on in my world. But Carol Anne reminded me with new prompts so I am going to catch up for the next couple of days.

This one should have gone up on the 4th of May and is:

Love yourself

Or have I done that one? Never mind its important so here we go:

Blue Eyes

Blue eyes in mirror

Telling me:


Not good enough,

You just can’t…


Blue eyes in my mind

Telling me:

You rock,

Good enough

You can do it.





May your inner voices only empower you!!!!!

Carol Anne’s Poetry Challenge for Bee

This week is nearly over. Can you imagine? I am restructuring my plans, my learning and my poetry that is why I was a little quiet this week.

What’s Carol Anne’s prompt?

Love yourself!

Woa! Working on it (both the topic and the poem πŸ˜‰ )


yes you: love yourself

the mirror said it loud and clear

new message received


Have a happy, self-loving, self-caring and inspiring weekend! πŸ™‚



Bee’s Poem of the Day ~ Rain

Rose waiting for rain

Our gardens desperate

Tea in sunshine


Two days ago our local TV news program said that we did not have a prolonged period of rain for 12 months. Our soil is totally dry and the farmers have to irrigate already. We will face water shortages if we have another summer like last year.Β  I am worried because we grow a lot of our food at home and if we can’t water it we will have a lot less.Β  Food prices will also go up. At the same time, it is so nice to be able to sit outside on the garden bench so early in the year enjoying a cup of tea or coffee. That just shows that everything has two sides. May you have a wonderful day no matter if you long for rain or sunshine!

Carol Anne’s Poetry Challenge for Bee

Hello Everybody, how are you?

I hope you had a good weekend and may whatever holiday you celebrate give you happiness and hope.

My Easter week was full of spending time with the best husband (Jeremy Clarkson voice) in the WorldΒ and creating a nicer flowerbed in the middle of our garden. So I cut down on learning to code and to teach English as well as writing blog posts.

This week I am back to more blogging but the poetry writing still needs to wait for a little. Currently, I am making more efforts to a more sustainable lifestyle and to really make a difference for the generations coming after us.

But I would not cut down on Carol Annes Poetry Challenge so here I try to verse to her prompt:

Windy Day

Here we go:

These warrior souls

beach breeze lifting our spirits

know you can change things*


*This sentence is taken from a poem and/or lyrics cited on Sia’s and Paloma Faith’s music video to “Warrior

May the “powers that be” be with you and may you find the courage to change things!

Carol Anne’s Poetry Prompt for Bee

Sorry, that I am a little quiet lately but our garden is calling as I explained in this post.

This week Carol Anne has challenged me to write a poem about

Happiness is…

I don’t feel very poetic at the moment but we’ll see what I can come up with πŸ˜™

An un-poetic poem

A beach at sunrise

Planting bulbs for spring glory

A cup of tea or coffee

The open fire


The sea roaring:

These are the things

That make me happy…