Bee’s Poem of the Day ~ Shades of Life


I have been off grit or off-blog for a while. Well, at least here. I am hosting “Love Is In Da Blog ~ A Music Festival” on, “The Bee Writes…” this month and last week my husband was off work and we were out and about. And I  have given myself a holiday from writing. You need that sometimes to fill your creative well. But I am back and hope all of you are well and if not have someone who cuddles you! Sending you love and light!!!!

Shades of Life

Love and light

Hate and darkness

Love and darkness

Hate and light

Love and hate

Light and darkness

So many shades of life…


Bee’s Poem of the Day ~ Explain to Me

Some of you might know that I regularly take part in a German poetry project. It is monthlong in November and is called “Frau Paulchen’s Poetry Month” but there are several shorter ones throughout the year. Those are called “Frau Paulchen’s Poetry Week” and we are currently in one with the topic “borrowed words”.

I usually translate the prompts in November but can’t at the moment because I am hosting “Love Is In Da Blog” over at my blog “The Bee Writes…” This weeks topic means we use words from other peoples poems in different ways.

Yesterday @FrauPaulchen suggested an erasure-poem which means you cut out the words of a poem that you do not want to use and create a new poem with the left words. Yesterday’s origin poem was “Erklaer mir Liebe (Explain love to me)” by Ingeborg Bachmann. She is one of my favourite poets of all time.

I like the poem I created a lot and thought it would be good in English too. So today’s Poem of the Day is the translation of “Erklaer mir”

Explain to me…

in the wind:

your heart
your mouth
the jittergrass
starflowers from flakes.

Explain to me…

in festive astonishment:

the dove
the air
wild honey
the whole country

the fish
the scorpio
the bug
his meaning.

Explain to me…

the wave
the vineyard
the snail out of the house!

A stone.

Explain to me what the short eerie time
with thoughts alone misses.

Explain to me



May you have a wonderful day!

Bee’s Poem of the Day ~ New

So today, I am trying out something new: A chat about self-care via Skype. I am a bit nervous because I’ve never done anything like it and I am not sure who might join. I hope it goes well. In case you are interested: You can join here at 1pm GMT.


New thing

New experience

New me?

It is not easy

to be a



we all need to be


May you have a wonderful day and may you experience exciting new things!!!!