Bee’s Poem of the Day: Love Is In Da Blog

Hello out there, dear readers of Therapy Bits. I hope you are feeling well cared for. And please always remember: You rock, rock, rock!!!!

Today will be the last “Bee’s Poem of the Day” for a month. February for me is dedicated to a blog event I am hosting over at “The Bee Writes…“. It is called “Love Is In Da Blog” and developed from a stream of consciousness blog writing event over poetry writing to a musical festival.

For a month I am offering a daily prompt that includes something about love (sometimes a little far fetched πŸ˜‰ ) and those who want to take part find a song that fits the prompt and share this song in a blog post that links back to the prompt. This way many others can visit your post and have some fun with great music. You can find out more about this years “Love Is In Da Blog” in this post. Feel free to take part. You are most welcome if you find the time.


Love Is In Da Blog


Love is calling.

Is it a song or poem?

In my mind it’s both:

Da poem and da song.

Blog Love reigns.


Maybe not my best poem but you get the gist πŸ™‚

Happy Friday to you all and see you in March!!!!

Bee’s Poem of the Day: River

Hello out there, how are you doing? I hope this Thursday finds you well. And if not you’ll be invited to sit down with your favourite hot beverage and stay for a while. Here is a cookie and some soothing music. And if you feel like it we can chat…

But if you don’t feel like it I share with you this poem


Moonlit band
curls through
my soul
full of shadows.

Where does
the river
lead me?


which was inspired by Joni Mitchell’s song “River“.

Happy Thursday to you all!!!!

Bee’s Poem of the Day: Hope

Hello out there, all you lovely people of the blogosphere. I want to remind you that you rock! No matter which challenge you are facing you’ll be able to overcome it. I believe in you!

Today I share a part of a post I wrote in 2018 and it is about a song that has given me hope in difficult times. This is what I wrote back then:

“I have written several poems that are called hope. This one was inspired by an artist I have listened to a couple of years ago. Her name is Gila Antara and she has made Native American inspired music. One of my favourites is and was β€œWe are the Power”. It was a mantra of mine in a very difficult time and it gave me the power to move on and change. So I changed the words of the song from

Gila Antara ~ β€œWe Are The Power”

We are the power in everyone
We are the dance of the moon and the sun
We are the hope that will never hide
We are the turning of the tide!

into an acrostic poem


WE so alive.
ARE healing from
THE wounds given.
HOPE so alive.
THAT dances and stands.
WILL be strong and
NEVER fall or
I know for sure that I am through the worst when I am able again to write about hope.”
Today this song is even more a mantra of mine because I believe that we, the people, will be the change for better no matter how powerful politicians and corporations seem to be. In this sense
Love & rage my friends!

Bee’s Poem of the Day: Bliss

Hello out there. How are you? I hope you are well and if not, please sit down with your favourite hot beverage and rest a little.

Today’s poem is from June 2014. I wrote it on a day I had off work because I was sick. As it happened I had no music or TV on but only listened to the “Sound of Silence”. I love that old Simon & Garfunkel song. But when I looked through my old posts I thought it was about Muse’s “Bliss“. I love that one too but I am not sure if it ever inspired a poem.




What happens

When life gives you

A break for free?


Your soul expands

To the end of the Universe.


Your body

Let go

Of all that Tension.


Your mind

struggles toΒ  understand

how to rest.


I have not asked for this Bliss.


Still, I am Blessed with It.


Happy Tuesday to you all and may life give you some unexpected bliss!

Bee’s Poem of the Day: Lost

Hello, out there dear readers of Therapy Bits. How are you doing today? I hope things are going well and that this new week brings only positive experiences for you. Please remember, even if you feel lost you are never alone as my prayers go out to you!

This week I am having a look back at old poems, that were inspired by music. Maybe I write the odd new one too. Are you inspired by music to write? And if which music inspires you the most?

My first poem is from January 2015 but I have edited it for this post. If you want to see the original have a look here on my post on “The Bee Writes…

This poem was inspired by β€œCome with me now” by the Kongos


in my
never had.
come with him
he took me
so deep.
So deep
my feelings
so I
lost my
Happy Monday to you all despite everything!

Bee’s Poem of the Day: What we need….

Hello all you wonderful people of the blogosphere, how are you rocking? Or are you rolling? I hope you are well and if not, feel the love come your way through my prayers.

And please do not think that this is a platitude. It is not. I in fact send out good wishes to family and friends and the whole world daily. One of the groups I include is my fellow bloggers and all my blogreaders. I don’t know what you are stuggling with but I do not need to know. I just want to send some love along to everybody because love is what we need in these dire times. So when life is challenging you and you feel down and out remember there is a blogger out there who thinks of you.


What we need is love

for ourselves and others

spring is coming soon


Happy Saturday to you all!!!!!



Bee’s Poem of the Day: Hot Beverages

Hello out there, are you looking forward to the weekend? Do you work at the weekend? Or is your weekend totally different anyway? No matter what I hope you can sit down at one point and enjoy a hot beverage of your choice and relax a little. To me there is nothing better than a nice cup of tea πŸ˜‰ to sort our the world when a friend comes around or when I feel bad.

That is why I chose this week to write about hot beverages but I somehow ran out of them. Of course, there are different types of coffee and tea or even cocoa. But that would really be cheating, wouldn’t it? So let’s sit down on the setee, smile at each other and drink the hot beverage or our choice, to celebrate Friday, poetry and life, the universe and everything. (I know I babble but you can’t help that sometimes πŸ˜‰ )


hey, babble away

these hot drinks are so lovely

snowfall cheers children


Oh, dear my poetry is not getting better, is it????

Happy Friday anyway!!!!