Carol Anne’s Poetry Challenge for Bee: “Holiday Cheer”

So, this young lady is a naughty one. I can hear her chuckle over my anual Grinchiness (yes, dear Grammarly, I made this word up!!!)

“Holiday Cheer?!” Really!?! What on earth is cheerful about holidays????

Well, of course besides seeing everybody, presents and great food? Did I forget time off work for some lucky one’s…

Ok, ok I admit I was listening to Pentatonix’s Christmas songs all evening yesterday. There, I am out of the closet ;-).

Let’s see how cheerful I can be

My brain is cheerfully stormy 😁

Rudolf. Elves. Pudding.

Dancing. Singing.

Green. White. Christmas.

Ye Faithful. Baubles.

Light. Baking. Cooking.

Sweet. Red.


Rudolf dances ye green faithful.

Light a sweet.

Elves are singing white baubles.

Baking red.

Pudding cooks Christmas.

And not a rhyme in sight 😁

…I better get myself out of here…

Bee’s Poem of the Day – Fake?

Hope all of you had a nice day. I spent most of it writing and cooking.

Weatherwise it was strange here. Sunny day at first then it started raining madly. Now I am watching a program about crazy weather everywhere and here in the UK. That is not helping 😁


Strong winds

Deadly waves

Unusual heat

Not to mention

All these storms.


If we all believe

It is

Fake News

It will go

Away like

A bad dream?

Good night! 🙋

Bee’s Poem of the Day – Multiculti-Weather

I am terribly sorry, that I neglected you yesterday. Simply forgot. Well, not in the beginning. In the morning I pondered what sort of poem I could write but could not come up with anything.

And then it slipped my mind. Not sure if you care. Or if you mind. Maybe I am too long in the UK. They say the British apologise for everything… 😉

So I stop apologising and verse 🙂


The rain

Like twine







On. Where. You. Are. From.


In Germany it rains like twine.

In England it rains like cats and dogs.

How does it rain where you are from?

Bee’s Poem of the Day – Exhaustion

I wrote this poem in January. So often I get rather astonished what interesting poems I have written when I have a look at them later on…


Entirely tired
X-rays of yawns
Hanging in the air.
After all, a hard days
Undivided night
Stays with you
Though not entirely
In in in in in…….
Orion sends his greetings
Nothing to worry about!