Bee’s Poem of the Day: Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Hello, out there all you lovely people. I hope your day is a wonderful one and you had the chance to relax a little. And if you have to work I hope your shift is a quiet one. My thoughts are with you all the same 🙂 .

We are having a lazy Sunday afternoon and when I thought about that I remembered the Small Faces song. I knew that song ever since I was little but just now realise how much slang they used in their song. No wonder I didn’t understand a thing at first when I learned English 😉

I chose this afternoon to get my mind around next year’s “Love Is In Da Blog” my February blog event about love and music. Feel free to take part and suggest a prompt which I post with a link to your blog. It was so much fun last year to share music about love and everything. So looking forward to the 2020 event!!!!

But now the BBC’s Country Files are calling me with some beautiful ginger cows… and you know I can’t resist any ginger 🙂


Sun shines low in room

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

notes dance with sunbeams


Happy Sunday to you all!

Bee’s Poem of the Day: Cup of tea, sleep, repeat…

Hello out there dear readers, how are you? I hope you are feeling swell 🙂 and enjoy your Friday afternoon (or whenever you are reading this post). If your life isn’t that great rest assured my thoughts and prayers are with you.

Had a cup of tea this morning and this afternoon. Will go to sleep early as the excitement of election day got the better of me yesterday which meant hardly any sleep. And tomorrow I repeat even though I hope I’ll get some more sleep.

What do you do on regular basis that’s nice and you could repeat?


cup of tea in hands

eyes waiting for sleep to come

repeat rising sun


Happy Friday to you all!!!!!

Bee’s Poem of the Day: Election Day

Good evening dear people of the blogosphere, how are you faring? I hope all is well in your neck of the woods and if not please remember: you rock and can manage anything life throws at you. If you can’t believe this I do it for you!!!

It’s election day in the UK and it is the most important maybe in a 100 years. Where is the country going? We won’t know until tomorrow morning.

Please, if you are a UK citizen and signed up to vote go and cast your vote. You have time until 10pm. I don’t care whom you support. But not voting undermines our democracy more than voting one way or another. Find all information here

The freedom to vote

Do we take it serious?

Full moon shines on all

Happy Thursday and full moon!!!!!

Bee’s Poem of the day: Another Stormy Night

Hello out there dear readers of Therapybits, I hope life is well where you are. We are experiencing another storm. This time rather worse than the last. While the weather pages tell us the wind is between 44-62 km/h (approx. 27-38 mph) it certainly isn’t here. These gusts are at least 60mph. But the wind is meassured at Norwich airport which is pretty inland. We are five minutes from the North Norfolk coast and it often is totally different here than in Norwich. Never mind. Let’s verse 🙂


Hear the wind howling

Another stormy night here

warm your hands on mug


Happy Tuesday for you all!!!!!

Bee’s Poem of the Day: Fairy Tales?

Hi dear readers of Therapy Bits. How are you doing? I hope all is well wherever you are and if not that you have someone who hugs you tightly.

Over at ” The Bee Writes” I shared a song by The Pogues today for #MusicMonday. You probably guessed it it is “Fairy Tale of New York”.

When I first heard it several years ago I wondered a lot how the Pogues made such a sweet song and then the second part kicked in and I thought: ” That’s more like it!” 😁

It is one of my favourite Christmas songs and I am happy to report that my utter disdain of listening to Christmas songs because of working in a supermarket slowly subsides.

How is your stance on Christmas songs?

Not in Lalaland

but music is in the air

Watch the star rising

Happy Monday to you all!!!!